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Soft Tissue Injury Claims Solicitors

Soft tissue injuries are injuries to ligaments, muscles, tendons or cartilage. Because of the name people can underestimate the impact a soft tissue injury can have.  In reality they can be just as debilitating as broken bones.

At Bikelawyer we know that having a specialist motorbike accident solicitor who knows how to get the most out of your claim can dramatically increase the amount of compensation you get.

How serious is it?

They can be just as serious as broken bones if not more so.  They’re also far more likely to be wrongly diagnosed, and as a result under-compensated.

Many riders suffer from shoulder injuries when they’re thrown from their bikes and what looks like simple “soft tissue” injury can turn end up in permanent injury.

If you don’t want to under settle your claim, then it’s important to instruct a motorcycle accident solicitor who understands the mechanics of a bike accident.

If you settle a claim without fully investigating it, and settle for a fraction of the claim’s potential worth, there is nothing you can do later to reopen it.

What is Complex regional pain syndrome (“CRPS”)?

CRPS is a condition where an injured person can suffer pain, of a severity and duration, grossly disproportional to the triggering injury, which can be minor.  The merest touch can cause intense pain.   The affect area can change colour, temperature, become swollen, and stiff.

While usually confined to an affected limb, on occasion CRPS can spread and its effects can be extremely debilitating.

CRPS cases are some of the most misunderstood by claimant solicitors and the most hotly disputed by defendants.  While claims for CRPS can be very large indeed they are often missed entirely and nowhere is it more important to have a knowledgeable, solicitor experienced in CRPS claims.

We know because we wrote the guide for the Law Society Gazette’s practice guide on CRPS. Please click here to view the guide.

Can bikers suffer whiplash injuries?

Yes. What is commonly called whiplash is known by doctors as an acceleration-deceleration injury.  Most people have heard of this in the context of a car being shunted from behind but it can be just as common in motorbike accidents.  In bike accidents it can happen in the same way, or it can be caused when a rider is thrown from their bike and decelerates quickly after contact with another object or the floor.

What help is available?

Rehabilitation can be really effective when you’ve suffered a soft tissue injury.  This is usually physiotherapy but it can be anything the doctor orders.

There’s no doubt that the NHS do a wonderful job and for the immediate trauma care you need after an accident, you couldn’t be anywhere better.  Unfortunately, the financial constraints in the NHS mean that it doesn’t always have the resources to offer the intensive rehabilitation available privately.

As part of your successful claim we can arrange for you to have whatever private treatment that you need.

Will I have to pay for it?

No, the other side’s insurance company can usually be made to pay for it under something called the Rehabilitation Code.  Even if your claim isn’t successful you wouldn’t’ have to repay the costs they’ve spent on your rehabilitation.

How much can I claim for a soft tissue injury?

It really depends on the type of the injury, but it can be a lot.  When awarding damages for an injury itself (as opposed to the financial losses the accident has caused you), the court is less concerned about the mechanism of the injury than the impact it’s had on you, in terms of how much the injury hurts, what it prevents you from doing, and how long your recovery will take.

If you’ve suffered a soft tissue injury, have a look on our personal injury calculator to see how much we could claim for you.

What are my financial losses?

As well as the compensation you will get for your injuries, your motorbike accident claim should include anything and everything the accident has cost you that can have a pounds and pennies figure on it.

This goes for losses you’ve already had, like time off work, damaged kit, insurance excess, and out of pocket expense, as well as losses you might suffer in the future.  If you need more rehabilitation in the future, we claim the cost of it.

We can also take you through some of the losses that you may not be aware of such as where someone has had to provide help for you as a result of a motorbike accident you can claim an hourly rate for the time they spent doing it.