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Spinal Injury Claim Solicitors

Road traffic accidents are the most common cause of spinal cord injuries in the UK and the impact on the injured person can be devastating.  At Bikelawyer we know that at this difficult time, the right support from a compassionate solicitor with specialist knowledge can make a real difference.

We understand that our clients worry about how they will support themselves and their families as well as how to meet the cost of expensive healthcare which may not be covered by the NHS. Where appropriate we seek substantial interim payments to take away the financial stress caused by such a serious injury.

Where liability is in dispute, we act to resolve this quickly so that we can move forward and concentrate on maximising both the damages and the help that our clients receive.

Bikelawyer are specialist spinal injury claim solicitors and currently acts for many spinal injury clients with compensation values in the millions. We have a proven track record in getting client’s the best possible outcome.


What early help is available?

Once instructed, our spinal cord injury solicitors will move quickly to put in place the support our clients need. We arrange case management and private rehabilitation. We can also arrange more tangible assistance where required. This can be private nursing care, or obtaining funding for the equipment and technology which can maximise our clients’ independence as their rehabilitation progresses.

We can also arrange adapted accommodation and transport to enable our clients to live safely and independently and support in returning to work.

What is case management?

A case manager is someone who helps an injured person by coordinating all of their interactions with the services they will require as a result of their injury.

Generally this will include liaising with both NHS and private healthcare providers, arranging any care or assistance required, and generally managing the injured person’s rehabilitation. They can also deal with social services in relation to benefits, employers, and anyone else who needs to be dealt with.

Will I have to pay for rehabilitation?

We vigorously pursue interim payments in order to ease the financial burden from which our clients are suffering.  We can obtain funding for rehabilitation from defendant insurance companies under the Rehabilitation Code.

We appreciate that the process can be complicated, however, our spinal injury lawyers will ensure that we explain everything to you in as much detail as possible, helping you to feel comfortable at every stage.

How much can I claim after a spinal injury?

The value of the claim depends on the impact of the injury. Overall, spinal cord injuries tend to lead to some of the largest claims of all, which is a direct reflection of the devastating impact they can have.

We work with experts in accommodation, transportation, care, and employment to make sure we maximise the value of your claim.

At Bikelawyer, our spinal injury solicitors know that while we can’t turn the clock back, getting enough money to secure an injured person’s financial future makes all the difference in the world to their quality of life.

Why should I instruct Bikelawyer?

When choosing a solicitor it’s important to be aware that the damages you end up with is calculated by agreeing the value of the claim on a full liability basis and then applying any liability split to that amount.

This means that if your spinal injury was caused in a motorcycle accident, then it’s just as important that your solicitor is a specialist in motorcycle accident claims as that they are a specialist in spinal injury claims. At Bikelawyer we’re both.

From the very first time that you get in touch, our spinal injury claims solicitors will ensure that you feel at ease, catering our support to your preferences, as far as possible.

For more information, please get in touch with our spinal injury solicitors.

Will a claim affect my benefits?

Where a claimant is in receipt of means tested benefits, future entitlement can be affected if the claimant has a large sum of money in the bank. You can protect your future benefits however, by using a personal injury trust.

Whenever our clients receive a large sum of money, be that through settlement or where we have obtained a large interim payment, we arrange for our clients to set up personal injury trusts which prevent that money from being counted towards means tested benefits.

This leaves our clients with the financial security to pursue their individual goals, whatever they may be.

For more information, please contact our spinal injury claim solicitors.

How soon should you start a claim?

The earlier you get in touch the better because as soon as you instruct us, we can begin to put in place the help you need, financial or otherwise.

Call our spinal injury claims solicitors for a no charge and no obligation discussion with a knowledgeable and friendly solicitor who can talk you through how we can help you.

If you’d like to start a claim today, our spinal injury claims solicitors can help.

Do spinal injuries get worse over time?

Spinal injuries can vary significantly in severity, and in how these injuries change over time. Whether or not a spinal injury gets worse is affected by many different things, including the extent and type of injury, the person’s health, age, and the successfulness of their rehabilitation and medical treatment.

Accessing early support to ongoing rehabilitation and medical treatment can improve recovery in the long-term.

How much can I claim for spinal injuries?

It can be hard to judge how much compensation you could receive for a spinal injury claim. The amount depends on a variety of different factors, including, how severe the injury is, how far it has affected the injured person’s life, and any financial losses experienced as a result.

Where another party is responsible for causing someone’s spinal injury, for instance, as a result of a motorcycle crash, the injured party can make a claim against the person liable. How much the injured party can claim depends on whether the defendant is proven to be fully liable, or partly liable.

At Bikelawyer, we have a fantastic reputation for securing higher levels of compensation in comparison to other firms, particularly where clients have sustained more serious spinal injuries.

What is classed as a spinal injury?

Spanning from the brain down to the lower back, the spinal cord is a crucial pathway of communication. A spinal cord injury refers to damage to the nerves and cells that are responsible for signal transmission between the brain and body.

A spinal cord injury might be caused by direct damage to the spinal cord, or when the bones and tissue surrounding the spinal cord have become damaged. Where this occurs, it can result in either temporary or permanent changes in body functions, movement, strength, or sensation, below the injury site.

How long does it take to recover from a spinal injury?

Recovery from a spinal cord injury is a lengthy process, those who have experienced these injuries will need rehabilitation from a variety of physicians, therapists, nurses, and other medical professionals. It’s difficult to gauge recovery time, as it depends on the type of injury, and every case is different.

For example, with incomplete spinal cord injuries, once the swelling goes down, people may start to gradually regain functioning over several months, even up to 18months from when the injury was first sustained. However, due to the serious nature of spinal cord injuries, it is only a small percentage of people that will eventually experience a total recovery of function.

Those who have experienced such an injury are advised to pursue a spinal injury compensation claim at the earliest opportunity.

How much does a spinal injury claim cost?

At Bikelawyer, our spinal injury solicitors can represent clients on a no win no fee basis, this means that, you will not incur legal fees unless your claim is a success.

Where your claim is successful, your solicitor will charge a ‘success fee’, and you will be advised of how much this is likely to be when first starting the claims process.

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