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Hit & Run Accident Claims Solicitors

In cases where the person responsible for an accident drives off and cannot be traced then it is still possible to claim compensation. Obviously in these cases we do not know who the person responsible is and therefore cannot obtain their insurance details to make a claim against the insurer.


Who can I claim against?

There’s an organization called the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) which exists to compensate victims of negligent drivers who leave the scene of an accident and accidents caused by drivers who are uninsured.  Every time someone takes out car or bike insurance a small portion of that goes to the MIB.

Do I actually need to be hit?

No, you don’t.  While people refer to these accidents as a “hit and run”, it’s just as negligent to run someone off the road as it is to crash into them.  Just because the rider is good enough to avoid a collision, the other driver would still be liable for causing the accident.

Other types of accident that can be caused by an untraced driver, and that you can get compensation for are accidents caused by:

  • Diesel spills
  • Oil spills
  • Shed loads
  • Vehicle parts in road causing a collision (e.g. bumper or other previous accident residue)
  • Dazzling by full beam headlights

This isn’t an exhaustive list so if your accident isn’t listed but it was caused by someone else, give our experienced hit and run claims solicitors a call and we’ll let you know whether you can claim.

What can I do after a hit and run?

Call the police. It sounds simple but often people don’t. If you’re injured, ask someone else to do it.

If you’re able to, you should also check to see if there are any witnesses or if the area is covered by CCTV.

Can I claim if there are no witnesses?

Yes, but calling the police is even more important.

That said, the police report is often far less detailed than people expect.  Where there isn’t a fatality or a very serious injury the report can be as little as a few lines so it’s useful to get any evidence you can yourself.

Most people have a camera phone handy these days so it’s worthwhile if you can take some pictures of the scene.  Are there any scuff marks on the road?  Where did the bike end up?   These sorts of pictures can make all the difference.

Are MIB claims the same as normal personal injury claims?

Definitely not. MIB claims are subject to very different rules and timescales to standard road traffic accident claims and expert advice is essential to avoid falling foul of pitfalls.

Bikelawyers hit and run claims solicitors specialises in MIB untraced driver claims and appeals, dealing with dozens of such claims at any time.

What if the driver is identified after I’ve started my claim?

Great. The MIB can compel the newly identified driver’s insurance company to deal with the claim and we continue the claim against them instead.  You won’t need to do anything and the switch over is seamless.  If anything you are likely to end up with more compensation.

What if my claim is rejected?

The MIB frequently rejects claims which it shouldn’t which means that the decision needs to be appealed.

We frequently appeal the MIB’s decision and we have a very strong track record of success.

If they still get it wrong we can take the MIB to an oral hearing.  Our hit and run claims solicitor Andrew Campbell handled the first ever oral hearing against the MIB.  Solid MIB expertise is required in these claims.

Can you take over my claim from another solicitor?

Probably.  We take over a lot of claims from non-specialist solicitors.  It will depend where you are in the process but we can usually take over.  We’re happy to review your former solicitor’s file at no cost before letting you know if we can take over.

Will I lose my no-claims bonus?

Making a personal injury claim won’t affect your insurance but simply having had the accident, even if it’s not your fault, will.

Whether you lose your no-claims bonus will depend on whether you have it protected though unfortunately just being involved in any accident is likely to affect the overall cost of your insurance.

It’s a term of your insurance that you have to report any accident you’re involved in and that will likely increase your base premium (the figure they apply the no-clams discount to).

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