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I do not often feel compelled to write a review, however, the service I received from Bike Lawyer has been second to none.

Richard Dykes was assigned to my case and from the start his communication and regular updates were both reassuring and informative.  The reason I instructed Bike Lawyer was in my opinion the way in which my case was initially being dealt with by the large motorcycle insurance company to whom I had my bike insured.

Immediately after having the accident it was as if a financial money making wheel had been set in perpetual motion, without a care for me I hasten to add.  At the time I could not walk but was still offered a courtesy motorbike of my choice, this immediately started alarm bells ringing and I felt this was not good use of funds, which we as the consumer ultimately end up paying for.

Due to this I reached out to Bike Lawyer, and from the offset Richard informed me of the process and why the insurance company was doing this, in order to maximise their profits and the companies they instruct.  Bike Lawyer and Richard had ‘me’ the customer as their priority, they are a small independent firm who are there to serve you, not a plethora of shareholders.

Due to this the settlement figure which I received for my injuries sustained as a result of my collision were directed to me.  In today’s fast paced, corporate world it’s difficult to put into words the respect, kindness and compassion Bike Lawyer afforded me.

Thank you for everything guys and the settlement figure you achieved.  Bravo and keep fighting for justice.


Alan Oliver
I was unfortunate enough to be involved in a life changing Motorcycle accident in August 2018. Lying in a Hospital Bed in a Trauma Unit means you are approached by various people representing various companies. I knew pretty much from the Start that Bikelawyer were going to be my choice.

Unfortunately we came up against probably one of the hardest, recalcitrant defendants’ insurers out there.

To say the Journey of 62 Months to its satisfactory conclusion has been frustrating is a huge understatement. But through it all Jon and later Richard Dykes & the appointed Barrister were A1 in their direction & advice.

I guess you don’t really know how good your Legal representation is until the Conclusion, And many times before I questioned whether I had done the right thing.

Thankfully Bikelawyer were at the end completely brilliant.

If you are unfortunate enough to be seeking legal counsel in the event of an RTC take it from me, These are the “go to” Guys.


Andrew Campbell of Bike Lawyer…please take my advice and contact him! He is one of the best in the industry.


Mr John Cross
Once again thank you for all your hard work and expertise, this clearly showed with the final result

We are positive that we wouldn’t have had this out come with the original firm of solicitors.
Please pass on our thanks to all of your team and continue to do a splendid job of representing the motorcyclists of this country, I hope that I and no one I know require such services again, but if anyone does I shall not hesitate in recommending you.


Chris Wakefield
I really appreciate all of your hard work and ace communication throughout my diesel spill personal injury claim.


After a two year wait I have finally arrived at the end of my insurance claim, following a bike accident. I’d like to say a very big thank you to the whole team, but especially Ian, at Bikelawyer.

I first looked to my insurance company for help. I was pretty certain that I wasn’t at fault but I couldn’t get any help or information from the insurers and was already in a sorry state with injuries and other problems mounting up, seemingly by the hour.

I had heard from others on the MCN forum that Bikelawyer would be a good place to get some help and advice so I gave them a call and right away got straight answers to all my questions. I decided to hand the whole, sorry mess over to them and immediately felt a lot more in control. It was a great relief to know that things were going to be done properly from then on.

Throughout the whole time it’s taken to get everything completed I was kept informed of progress. Every email and phone call was dealt with immediately. I couldn’t have asked for better service and it made the whole thing so much easier to get through.

I have received very fair compensation and I’m pretty sure that it’s more than I would have had from my insurers, who really didn’t seem to be on my side at any point.

So I can say with my hand on my heart that if you find yourself in trouble after a bike accident I can recommend Bikelawyer, just as others do.

Thank you so much guys. I hope I never need to ask for your help again but it’s good to know you’re there when needed.


Joan Haswell
Thanks for everything you have done for me, I am truly grateful. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who has a problem.


Mr F
I would just like to say a huge thank you for all your efforts regarding my case and its conclusion. You really have made a massive difference to the speed of progress of the claim, not only in securing an interim payment, but your exceptional service and professionalism. I also feel that the Defendant’s settlement offer was down to your no nonsense approach. My only regret is that I did not transfer the claim to you earlier. Anyone with an injury claim should make you their first port of call.


Mr N
I really want to express my sincere thanks yet again. You did an awesome job!


Mrs W
I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks for all your support, hard work and effort during the last two years.

Prior to my daughter and I contacting you regarding a pending inquest for my late husband, we had contacted a local solicitor but were totally unimpressed by him, feeling uncomfortable with his attitude and with the company for which he worked. When we called to your office for an interview, we were immediately impressed with your professional, caring attitude and the kindness and understanding offered to us during the most traumatic time of our lives.

You took the time to explain all our options and have always kept us both updated when any further information was available. Every email and phone call of ours has been replied to promptly and I really feel at ease knowing you are acting on our behalf.  Your service to us has been exceptional and I would recommend you to anyone. As we now near the successful conclusion of our claim I once again thank you for the battles you fought on our behalf and wish you every success in the future, both professionally and personally.


Mr B
Almost three years after suffering personal injury and medical negligence, I felt well enough to ring local solicitors.

After receiving the details of my case, they decided to pass it on to specialists. The specialist solicitor said that it was too complicated for her firm to deal with at that time, but she knew a solicitor who was very good with complicated cases and passed me on to Mr Andrew Campbell. Mr Andrew Campbell took my case and gathered together all the detailed medical evidence. He found the most likely course to succeed and my case is proceeding.

Mr Campbell has always been there to explain and support my claim and he makes litigation less daunting. He is caring, approachable, extremely intelligent and totally professional. To me he is the friendly face of the Law and a true gentleman. I am sure that Mr Campbell’s determined efforts for his clients would save lives in the future and make the world a better place.


Mr W
First of all I would like to say that Andrew is the best kind of solicitor as he has taken all the worry away from us, helping us to get back to normal. He has achieved this by being efficient in all areas of the case; he sends letters out as soon as is needed. He has also pressed the opposition to do what we want them to. All in all I could not ask for a better solicitor. Big thanks.


Mr S
No words can express the gratitude I feel for all Andrew has done for me. When I felt that all hope had gone and there was nowhere to turn after being told by a previous solicitor that my motorcycle accident was an act of God, I contacted Andrew and he put my mind at rest straight away.

Andrew is totally professional in his approach and manner and at all times has kept me informed at how things are proceeding and explains things that I do not understand. When I phone or email Andrew gets back to me very quickly to answer any worries or queries I may have. Without Andrew I do not know how I would have coped, as nothing is ever too much trouble. He is always helpful and has cheered me up and made me smile when I have felt very low.


Mr M
Andrew Campbell provided a faultless, professional and friendly service even providing his home and mobile telephone numbers for me to contact him at any time.

I sustained severe injuries resulting in leg amputation after a filtering accident. Andrew’s understanding of the law related to filtering and liability has led to a settlement which will help me in the future.

I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who sustains serious injuries in a motorcycle accident.


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