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About us

Bikelawyer was founded fourteen years ago by solicitors Andrew Campbell and Hanna Campbell, who continue to run the firm as legal partners.

When one of Andrew’s friends was involved in a diesel spill accident on his motorcycle, this tragic incident would eventually lead to the founding of the Bikelawyer firm.

The devastating accident caused Andrew’s friend to sustain a serious head injury, which had an irreversible and ongoing impact on his health and meant that he could sadly no longer continue at law school and pursue a career as a solicitor.

The solicitors who first acted for the biker did not consider an application to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau which can compensate for injuries caused by fuel spill accidents. Until this case, it was not well known that it was possible to receive accident compensation from the MIB for diesel spill accidents. Still a trainee solicitor at the time, Andrew Campbell took on this professional negligence case, seeking to turn matters around for the injured biker.

When the case went to a High Court trial in 2003, it was not commonplace to sue for diesel spill accidents, and so the potential of a successful claim seemed unlikely. Regardless, Andrew sought to bring about justice for his friend, and the severe impact that the accident had on his career and health.

Andrew was able to sue for compensation, and this successful claim became the foundation of a brand-new, niche law firm. With the founding of Bikelawyer, Hanna and Andrew dedicated themselves to helping those affected by motorcycle accidents, as well as their families, particularly clients with serious and life-changing injuries, or fatal accident cases.

Bikelawyer is now well-established as a leading firm of expert motorcycle accident solicitors, providing high-quality and sensitive legal support for clients across England and Wales.

How our team at Bikelawyer help clients

Bikelawyer was founded to offer injured bikers an outstanding service, and unmatched expertise. We are in the perfect position to offer clients truly bespoke support, and are dedicated to recovering the maximum possible amount of compensation for every client.

In the legal area of motorcycle accident claims, specialist knowledge and expertise can make an enormous amount of difference to how well-supported clients are, as well as how much compensation they receive. At Bikelawyer we have successfully been able to recover tens of millions of pounds of compensation for our clients.

We can help with all different types of motorcycle accidents, including hit and runs, diesel spill accidents, junction accidents, and filtering accidents. Our talented team can handle claims of all value. We particularly specialise in serious, fatal, and catastrophic injury cases, especially those involving brain, spinal cord injuries, and amputations.

Contact Bikelawyer today

To discuss your motorcycle accident case today, please get in touch with our solicitors at Bikelawyer. You can call us on 01446 794199.

Our team will be happy to talk through your circumstances, with either yourself or a loved one who is supporting you, explaining your options in a straightforward and clear manner.

Why instruct our team at Bikelawyer?

Leading specialist motorcycle accident solicitors

We are proud to be one of the leading specialist motorcycle accident solicitor firms.  Bikelawyer can provide expert guidance within this niche, ensuring clients always get the unique support that they need.

Every member of our team is a qualified solicitor, something that cannot be said of all accident and injury firms. When you work with us you can be sure that your accident claim will be expertly handled.

Highly experienced legal team

Bikelawyer are highly experienced, having worked in the motorcycle accident claims field for decades between them. Our experience puts us in the perfect position to provide outstanding legal guidance and support, building the best case possible, regardless of any difficult circumstances or complications.

Due to our extensive experience and outstanding service, we have established ourselves as a highly regarded thought-leader in the industry. Bikelawyer is Motorcycle News (MCN) legal expert and columnist.

Securing higher levels of compensation

Our experience in the sector, combined with our dedication to our clients, means that we are often able to secure higher levels of compensation in comparison to other firms.

Many clients come to Bikelawyer having started their claim with a different solicitor and became unsatisfied with their prospects, or unhappy about the handling of their case. We are able to take on such cases, helping clients to secure the compensation that they deserve.

A supportive and holistic service

At Bikelawyer, we are a truly caring firm, our primary focus is on helping people. We understand that the effects of a motorcycle accident can be physically, emotionally, and financially catastrophic.

Our commitment to the motorcycle accident legal industry is personal, as opposed to merely professional, and we always approach every case with compassion and empathy.

Throughout the claims process, clients will receive a supportive service. We take a holistic approach, having good links with support groups and rehabilitation services in the community, so that we can offer advice and connections, beyond the general claims processes.

No Win No Fee

We believe that every biker should be entitled to the best, so Bikelawyer will act on a no-win, no-fee basis. Offering this fee structure can relieve the financial pressure at an already difficult time.

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