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Brain & Head Injury Claims Solicitors

It is a sad fact that motorcyclists are more vulnerable to brain injuries than other road users. The effects of a brain injury can be both severe and varied, and often have life changing consequences which can leave our clients and their loved ones feeling overwhelmed. In addition to having to come to terms with the injury itself there can be an endless stream of practical considerations which need to be addressed.

Brain injury cases require highly specialised knowledge and clients who are represented by non-specialist solicitors can often miss out on the valuable help and support to which they are entitled.

Bikelawyer’s solicitors are experienced brain and head injury claims solicitors who have secured tens of millions of pounds in compensation for clients as well as helping to put in place the building blocks that enable them to move on with their lives.


What help is available?

At Bikelawyer we recognise that early proactive steps are essential to aid the road to recovery for both our clients and their families.

Whilst we value the NHS, we work with other brain injury professionals to ensure that the public and private sectors are working effectively in tandem to provide the best possible treatment for our clients.

We can arrange case management, private care and support in returning to work, if appropriate. We can also arrange more tangible assistance such as adapted accommodation and transport where needed.

What is case management?

While is sounds like a legal term, case management is the assistance provided to an injured person (usually by a highly trained former nurse or Occupational Therapist) to enable them to manage the interaction of all of the services they will come into contact with after their injury.

This will usually mean coordinating medical treatment, arranging any care package needed, and generally dealing with rehabilitation, social services, employers, and anything else needed to steer the injured person through the process.

Case management is particularly important following a brain injury because the injured person’s cognitive function is impaired.

Will I have to pay for it?

We vigorously pursue interim payments in order to ease the financial burden from which our clients are suffering.  We also obtain funding from defendant insurance companies under the rehabilitation code.

How much can I claim for after a brain injury?

Due to the impact of brain injuries they can lead to very large compensation settlements indeed.  Unfortunately this is because their impact can be the most life changing.

Calculating the value of your claim is an extremely complex process but we’ll instruct experts in a variety of disciplines to work out what needs to be included in your claim.

What sort of accommodation will you need?  What sort of care package if any?  What sort of vehicle will you need? What about private medical costs now and in the future?

Our brain and head injury claims solicitors will fully investigate every element of potential loss to ensure that we can fully provision for your future, ensuring quality of life.

Why should I instruct Bikelawyer?

It’s vital to understand that the damages you get are arrived at by valuing your injuries and apportioning liability for the accident.  A 50/50 split means you only get half of the damages.  This means that if a brain injury was caused as the result of a motorcycle accident then it’s critical that your solicitor is a specialist in motorcycle accident claims as well as brain injury claims.  At Bikelawyer we’re both.

Will a claim affect my benefits?

Potentially.  Where a claimant is in receipt of means tested benefits, these can be affected if the claimant has a large sum of money in the bank.  This can be guarded against through the use of a personal injury trust.

When cases settle, or where we have obtained large interim payments, we assist our clients with setting up personal injury trusts which prevent that money from being counted towards means tested benefits.

Can I claim on behalf of someone else?

While it will always be the injured person’s claim, where a person lacks mental capacity (the ability to manage their own affairs and provide instructions to their lawyers), a claim can be brought on their behalf.

How soon should you start a claim?

The sooner you start a claim the better.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a head injury then get in touch with our specialist brain and head injury claim solicitors so that we can have a no charge and no obligation discussion about what we can do to help you.

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