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At Bikelawyer, we are proud to be one of the leading specialist motorcycle accident injury solicitor firms. Our team have decades of experience between them in this area of the law. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from first-rate and compassionate legal support from solicitors with an in-depth understanding of motorcycle accident claims.

We understand that being in a motorcycle accident can have a devastating impact on a person’s health, career, and family, especially where someone has sustained severe or lifechanging injuries.

At Bikelawyer, we care a great deal about our clients, always ensuring that we offer sensitive support, during what can be an incredibly difficult time. Our team take a holistic approach, having great connections with support groups and rehabilitation services in the community.

If you would like to talk to our motorcycle accident claims solicitors today, please get in touch with us using the contact details below.

Our solicitors serve clients across England and Wales. We can meet clients in person, whether at their home, in hospital, or at our office in Llantwit Major, Wales. Equally, we can offer support via a combination of telephone calls, video conferencing meetings, or discussions via email.

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Bikelawyer Motorbike Accident Claims Services

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be devastating. You may well have sustained injuries that have had a significant impact on your health, or even life-changing injuries, causing ongoing trauma and complications.

When you’re in this situation, what you need is specialist support from a team of solicitors that truly care.

Our focus is always to achieve the maximum amount of compensation possible, assuring improved financial security in the wake of these difficult circumstances. We can provide support with all types of motorbike accident claims, more details of which can be found below.

To discuss your situation with our dedicated team of motorcycle accident claims solicitors in today, give us a call at Bikelawyer.

Fatal Accident Claims Solicitors

Bikelawyer deals with many emotionally challenging cases, particularly cases involving the loss of a loved one. Though, of course, no sum of money can reverse the trauma of losing someone close to you, our services can help to ease the financial pressure that arises when a family member tragically passes away.

Where your loved one’s death was caused by the negligence of another party, you may be able to pursue a compensation claim.

Our fatal accident claims solicitors have helped families who have lost loved ones to recover millions of pounds. We have a fantastic track record of successful claims, including clients with failed claims elsewhere.

Diesel Spills Claims Solicitors

A diesel spill on the road is incredibly dangerous for motorcyclists. These incidents tend to occur when a vehicle carrying diesel is involved in a road accident, or due to large vehicles overfilling their fuel tanks or poor vehicle maintenance.

Spilled diesel fuel on the road forms a slippery surface that lowers traction and increases the risk of accidents and collisions. Motorcycles are particularly vulnerable to accidents due to diesel spillage as motorcycles  have reduced grip in comparison to vehicles with four-wheels.

To bring a successful claim we just need to show that on the balance of probabilities the diesel was caused by the negligence of another vehicle.

Our diesel spill accident solicitors have extensive experience working with motorcyclists who’ve been involved in these types of accidents, particularly where individuals have sustained serious and life changing injuries.

Hit & Run Claims Solicitors

Motorcycle accidents are referred to as ‘hit and run’ or ‘untraced’ where the person that caused the accident leaves the scene without taking responsibility.

Many bikers are surprised to learn that a direct collision does not have to occur to enable them to pursue a successful claim against the driver responsible for their accident. This is even the case if the motorist has fled the scene and remains untraced. For example, a road user might run another vehicle off the road, cause them to swerve, or to otherwise take an action that results in an injury. If this occurs, and the road user who caused the accident leaves the scene without taking responsibility, a motorcyclist is entitled to compensation.

If you have been involved in an untraced or hit and run motorcycle accident, our specialist hit and run accident solicitors can provide comprehensive assistance. Even if the driver cannot be traced, we can still support you to make a claim via the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB).

Filtering and Junctions Claims

Though cars hugely out number motorbikes on the roads, a significant 34% of all accidents that occur at junctions involve motorbikes. Regardless, non-specialist solicitors tend to lack a detailed understanding of filtering and junction claims.

When motorcycles move through slow moving or stationary traffic, the practice is referred to as filtering. Though filtering is not illegal when done safely, if a motorcycle is involved in an accident whilst filtering, it may well lead to a filtering claim. If so, it will be necessary to determine what happened, and which road users are liable.

We have much experience working with clients on filtering and junction claims, putting us in an excellent position to assist with all manner of cases, no matter how complicated.

E-Scooter Accident Claims

If you’ve sustained an injury as a result of an E-Scooter accident, our solicitors can assist you to pursue a compensation claim.

Bikelawyer’s solicitors are experienced in assisting clients with electric scooter accident compensation claims, and can answer any questions you may have about how the claims process works.

To discuss your case today, please contact our expert E-Scooter accident solicitors in England and Wales.

Motorbike Injury Claims Solicitors

Brain and Head Injury Claims solicitors

Sadly, motorcyclists tend to be more vulnerable to brain injuries in comparison to other road users. The effects of brain injuries can be both diverse and severe, often causing life-changing consequences, and leaving individuals and their loved one’s with much trauma.

Where a person has experienced a brain or head injury, it is essential that they have the support of an expert solicitor, who can help them to access the compensation that they deserve.

While funding cannot undo the devastating effects, it can provide some relief from the financial burden during this exceptionally challenging period.

Spinal Injury Claims Solicitors

In the UK, road traffic accidents are one of the most common causes of spinal cord injuries and the consequences for the injured individual can be devastating. At this truly distressing time, support from an empathetic lawyer with specialist knowledge can make an incredible difference.

We appreciate that our clients will be concerned about supporting themselves and their loved ones, and are likely worrying about paying for costly healthcare, which the NHS may not cover.

Our spinal injury claims solicitors in England and Wales will attempt to secure interim payments, where appropriate, to ease the financial burden caused by a serious injury.

Amputation Claims Solicitors

At Bikelawyer we have much expertise dealing with amputee clients. We appreciate that these clients have gone through a truly traumatic time, and ensure to provide a service that’s sensitive and compassionate.

Our amputation claims solicitors can provide comprehensive support at every stage of the claims process. We are well connected to relevant support groups and rehabilitation services.

Broken Bones Claims Solicitors

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, caused by another individual, and suffered broken bones as a result, our experts can support you throughout the compensation process.

Our specialists have in depth knowledge about such claims. We know that while certain fractures can heal quickly, other broken bones may cause ongoing issues. Securing a generous compensation claim can help you to access the best rehabilitation, making all the difference to your quality of life, moving forward.

Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissue injuries refer to injuries to cartilage, tendons, muscles, or ligaments. Though these types of injuries are often underestimated, these can be incredibly debilitating, having a significant impact on a person’s health.

With our expertise in soft tissue injuries, our motorcycle injury claims solicitors can support throughout every stage of the claims process.


At Bikelawyer, we are dedicated to making certain that our legal services are as accessible as possible. We deal with claims throughout England and Wales and are happy to travel to you. If you are a local client and have specific accessibility needs prior to visiting our legal office, please contact us, and we will make arrangements to accommodate you.

We appreciate  that many clients will not be in a position to visit us in person, irrespective of where they are based, and where clients remain in hospital after an accident, or cannot easily leave home, our motorbike accident solicitors are able to come to them.

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