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No Win No Fee Motorcycle Accident Claims

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, the ongoing impact on your life could be severe, especially if you’ve sustained serious injuries. To ensure the best possible recovery and  ease the financial stresses associated with a serious injury claim, our solicitors may be able to support you to make a no win no fee motorcycle accident claim.

A no win no fee claim refers to a type of legal arrangement where an individual who has been injured as a result of an accident can pursue a compensation claim, without any need to pay their legal fees at the outset of the case.

The client enters a no win no fee agreement, which details that they will only be required to pay their legal fees if they are successful with the claim.

At Bikelawyer, we have decades of combined experience in the motorcycle accident claims field. We are able to offer outstanding legal guidance, based on the intricate details of your case, your preferences and needs.

When you work with us, you’ll benefit from first-rate legal support from one of the leading motorcycle accident specialist firms in the UK. We pride ourselves on providing a sensitive and holistic service, supported by the links we have with support groups and rehabilitation services in the community.

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To discuss your potential claim today, please get in touch with our no win no fee motorcycle accident claims solicitors. You can call us on 01446 438150.

Why choose Bikelawyer?

Sixteen years ago, legal partner Andrew Campbell was able to successfully secure compensation for his biker friend who tragically sustained a life changing head injury as a result of a diesel spill accident. The incident would later lead to the founding of our legal firm.

Our commitment to the motorcycle accident field is a personal one. We always put our clients first and truly want to help them.

Bikelawyer is one of the leading specialist motorcycle accident solicitor firms, every member of our team is an expert solicitor capable of providing outstanding legal support in this often complicated area.

We are often able to secure higher levels of compensation for clients when compared to other legal firms. Injured motorcyclists often ask if we will take over their case from the firm that they originally instructed  because they are unsatisfied with their prospects or with the service.

To talk to us about a motorcycle accident claim today, please contact a member of our team. We can discuss your situation, explain the claims process to you in simple terms, and answer any queries you may have.

Our no win no fee motorcycle accident claims service

Initial discussion of your case

Our solicitors at Bikelawyer will invite you to tell us about your motorcycle accident, including your injuries, and the effect this event has had on you and the people close to you.

At this stage, we will start to gauge how strong your claim is, and determine whether or not you are eligible for our no win no fee funding.

Building your no win no fee case

Your specialist solicitor will start to build your case by gathering evidence, which may include witness statements, as well as liaising with medical professionals.

As part of the process, you’ll be required to visit a medical expert who will report on the injuries that you’ve sustained.

We understand that the process may feel daunting, but rest assured, our team at Bikelawyer have much experience working on such cases. We care about our clients and will ensure that you receive sensitive support at every stage.

Motorcycle Accident Letter of Claim

After collecting various forms of evidence, and building the details of your claim, your solicitor will write a Letter of Claim, describing the accident and your injuries, outlining why and how the defendant was responsible for the accident and the injuries sustained.

The next stage depends on whether the defendant accepts responsibility for causing the accident, or whether they deny fault.

Negotiating your settlement

If the defendant accepts liability for causing the accident, your solicitor will present the claim in full, and invite settlement negotiations.

Where the defendant denies responsibility, it may be eventually necessary to take your case to Court. If required, we can assist you throughout these proceedings, providing the bespoke support that you need. However, it is worth noting that it is rare for cases to go to trial as the majority of cases can be settled out of Court.

If you have any questions about the motorcycle accident compensation claims process, our motorcycle injury lawyers will be happy to help.


What is a no win no fee accident claim?

A no win no fee claim is a type of legal arrangement where a person who has been injured in an accident is able to make a compensation claim with no requirement to pay their legal fees upfront.

The claimant enters into a no win no fee agreement with their solicitor, confirming that the individual will only be required to pay their own legal fees if the claim is a success.

At Bikelawyer, we can represent many clients on a no win no fee basis, depending on the details of your claim. Your solicitor will explain your funding options to you at the start, as well as explaining how the claims process will work.

What is the average payout for a motorcycle accident UK?

How much compensation you receive for a motorcycle accident depends on several different factors, for example, how severe the injuries are, and to what extent the accident has affected the victim’s life, including the associated medical expenses, loss of earnings and so on.

We have an excellent track record of securing higher levels of compensation when compared with other firms. Once we have a clear understanding of your case, we should be able to provide a better idea of how much compensation you could stand to receive.

How long does a no win no fee claim take?

Where a motorcycle accident claim is uncontested, it may be possible to settle the claim quickly. The duration of the claim will be governed by the type of injuries sustained and the recovery period. The medical experts need to be able to provide a definitive prognosis to enable us to accurately value the claim.

Where the defendant denies responsibility for causing the accident, the process will take significantly longer.

Serious injury claims will also take longer to settle due to the number of investigations that need to be carried out and the length of the recovery time. Fully investigating the claim enables us to recover the maximum amount of compensation for our clients, this allows them to rebuild their life after experiencing life changing injuries.

How much do no win no fee solicitors take?

When pursuing and securing no win no fee compensation, your solicitor will charge a success fee. The amount will not exceed 25% of the total compensation secured. However, the amount may be less, because a deduction will not be made to any future losses that you might be entitled to recover. Future losses are often recovered in respect of loss of earnings, care and private surgery.

Our no win no fee solicitors at Bikelawyer will ensure that you have a clear understanding of your fees, at the beginning, and as your case progresses.

What happens if you lose a no win no fee claim?

If you lose a no win no fee claim, you will not be liable to cover your legal fees.

When you work with us at Bikelawyer, we will ensure to explain our fee structures to you clearly at the beginning, and answer all of your queries.

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