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London Motorcycle Accident Solicitors

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, particularly where you have sustained an injury that has had a major impact on your life. Where you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in London, seeking specialist legal support from our expert team is essential.

With decades of experience in handling motorcycle accident claims, our high level of knowledge and expertise ensures that we are in the best possible position to guide you through the process of claiming compensation. No matter the circumstances surrounding the accident and the nature of your injuries, our motorcycle injury lawyers will be on hand to help.

We build genuine relationships with all our clients. When you work with our motorcycle accident solicitors serving London, you will have access to all the support you need. Depending on your situation, this could include having access to rehabilitation services and support groups in the community.

Our motorcycle accident solicitors serving London will guide you through all stages of the claims process, covering areas such as:

  • Motorcycle accident liability – Cases depend on whether or not the defendant admits fault, and how much responsibility they take
  • Quantum – Referring to how much you will receive in damages
  • Rehabilitation – Whether or not these costs will be covered as part of the claim
  • Medical evidence – Assessing the injuries to build the claim
  • Offers – Valuing the claim and negotiating an offer with the defendant

Why work with Bikelawyer?

Our journey began when, sixteen years ago, legal partner Andrew Campbell was successful in claiming compensation for his friend who sustained a life changing head injury caused by a diesel spill accident. The incident forms the basis for our motorcycle accident solicitors to truly help all of our clients.

As a firm, our motorcycle accident solicitors serving London are leading experts in the field. Every member of our team is a skilled lawyer who is highly knowledgeable in handling claims involving motorcycle accidents.

To reflect our expertise, Bikelawyer is Motorcycle News (MCN) legal expert and columnist.

Our specialist skills in handling motorcycle accident claims mean that we are often able to secure higher levels of compensation than other non-specialist firms. We also find that many of our clients start a claim elsewhere but are left unsatisfied with the service or their prospects of success.

Contact our Motorcycle Accident Claims Solicitors serving London

To discuss a claim for a motorcycle accident in London today, please get in touch with our motorcycle accident lawyers at Bikelawyer. You can call us on 01446 438150.

Motorcycle accident liability

After a letter of claim is served in the wake of a motorcycle accident, the responsible party will set out their position on liability. They may accept full liability or partial liability, alleging that you were also partly at fault for the motorcycle accident.

In cases where liability is disputed or partially disputed, our motorcycle accident solicitors will take the time to carefully assess the circumstances surrounding the accident. This is likely to include gaining access the police reports, witness accounts and any other relevant evidence.

Our expertise in handling bike accidents in London means that we are well positioned to help you build a robust case that is designed to secure the best possible outcome.

Quantum – or “how much”

The amount of compensation you are able to access for a motorcycle accident in London is likely to be a key concern. Any compensation you are awarded will be used to cover any pain, suffering and loss of amenity (not being able to do the things you could before). Compensation for direct financial losses caused by the accident could also be a factor.

The list of damages that could be included following a motorcycle accident is extensive and our specialist motorcycle solicitors serving London will be able to provide detailed advice on what will be possible in your circumstances.


In cases of disputed liability, our solicitors will often get the defendant’s insurer to pay for private rehabilitation. This is only usually possible as paying for rehabilitation from the outset of a case, rather than later on in the claims process, is often much cheaper for the insurer.

Regardless, the importance of rehabilitation following a motorcycle accident is something our solicitors are keenly aware of and, as such, we will take every step to ensure that you access the treatment and support you need to help you recover.

Medical evidence

Medical evidence is crucial for any motorcycle accident claim. This will often mean seeing an independent medical expert to provide a report which details your injuries.

Depending on the nature of your injuries, various experts may be required to provide their reports, such as orthopaedic surgeons and neurology experts.

To build a successful claim, medical evidence is critical, as it confirms that your injuries have been properly documented.


Settlement negotiations for a bike accident in London will often take place after a claim has been presented to the defendant.

After evidence is compiled and a round of offers have taken place, a case can often be settled quickly and with the maximum possible compensation.

Do motorcycle accident claims in London go to court?

Motorcycle accident claims can often be resolved without the need for court proceedings, though the possibility cannot be ruled out altogether. Most cases can be resolved through negotiations outside of court.

Where a comprehensive case is built and evidence is properly prepared, it is often not in the defendant insurer’s interest to incur the costs of taking a claim to trial. In many cases, it is simply more efficient and cost-effective to reach a settlement.

No win no fee

At Bikelawyer, it is our firm believe that everyone should have access to the highest level of legal support, no matter their financial circumstances. For that reason, we are able to act on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. This means that you will only be required to pay legal fees if we are successful in claiming compensation on your behalf.

When you get in touch with a member of our team, you will benefit from a free claims evaluation to assess whether your case may be suitable for no win no fee funding and what options may be available to you.

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