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Bikelawyer was founded fourteen years ago by solicitors Andrew Campbell and Hanna Campbell, who continue to run the firm as legal partners. When one of Andrew’s friends was involved in a diesel spill accident on his motorcycle, this tragic incident would eventually lead to the founding of the Bikelawyer firm. The devastating accident caused Andrew’s friend to sustain […]
We offer a wide range of services within the legal sector. Our team of experienced lawyers are here to help with all of your legal requirements and to offer advice in what can often be difficult situations. Injury Solicitors Brain & Head Injury Claims Spinal Injury Claims Amputation Claims Broken Bones Claims Chronic Pain and […]
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Bikelawyer’s Andrew Campbell, is MCN’s Legal expert and columnist writing the weekly MCN Law column. Andrew has been writing for MCN for over a decade. Readers write in with their questions and Andrew answers them. Links to the weekly law columns can be found below.

Mr Whippy made me crash my bike

Question I am having difficulty is progressing my claim against an ice cream van driver for an accident in May and would welcome your help! I was riding down the A48 and was passing a layby where the ice cream van was parked. Suddenly the ice cream man appeared from in front of the van […]

Liability for a runaway horse?

Question I was riding along a country lane when a horse ran out of a field causing me to lose control of the bike. I broke my arm and have a lot of bruising. My wife went back to the accident scene and took photographs of the fencing around the field that the horse escaped […]

I can’t remember my accident – am I stuffed?

Question I was involved in an accident when overtaking on my way to the gym. The driver who hit me said I was going above the speed limit and was riding dangerously. He said he was attempting to turn right and was indicating. I can’t remember the accident but there are witnesses. Some of them […]

How can I prove fault on flipped lid?

Question In September 2014 I bought a flip front helmet from a shop and in 2015 I noticed it had a fault with the opening mechanism that meant the chin bar lifted while riding and blocked my vision. The manufacturer acknowledged the fault, replaced the opening mechanism and returned the helmet. But the helmet has […]

Do I have to reveal my medical history?

Question I have an accident compensation claim is going through with my local solicitors who seem pretty on the ball but I do have one query. I was hit from behind whilst stationery on my Vespa. My solicitor has asked me to sign a form of authority which will give my opposite side’s solicitors direct […]

Is it illegal to ride a motorcycle with one hand?

If you’ve been stopped by the police for riding a motorcycle with one hand, you might be confused about the laws surrounding this and whether it is an illegal practice. At Bikelawyer, we’re more than just a specialist motorcycle accident legal firm. As well as our motorcycle accident claims service, we also provide basic legal […]

Crash has wrecked my bomb disposal job

Question I had an accident when some idiot who was overtaking on my side of the road hit me head on. His insurance company admitted liability in full, confirmed by the solicitors. Before the accident I was a bomb disposal specialist in the army. I cannot go back to this job due to my injuries. […]

Does my position mean I am to blame?

Question As I have to do almost every day on my commute I filtered past a line of stationery traffic. One of the cars in the queue, a blue golf, pulled out I think to do a U-turn and hit me. I had very minor injuries but more importantly my bike and jacket were damaged. […]

Can I force them to pay private surgery costs?

Question Can I have private surgery? Please give me some guidance as my solicitor seems to not be arguing my case strongly enough and I would like something concrete to put to them and you seem like just the man to help! I really need to have an operation on my ankle caused by my […]

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