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What can I say about speeding in court?

A few weeks ago I was caught speeding on a weekend ride out. The road was a bit damp as it had been raining that morning but otherwise the conditions were sunny and fine. The recorded speed was 69mph on a 50mph road. There was not much traffic at the time and the conditions weren’t dangerous.

I responded to the police letter confirming it was me riding. I received a reply saying that due to the speed it will go to court. I have joined an advanced riding group to try to help me in the court case.

Do you have any tips on what I can do to minimise the penalty. I haven’t had any points since 2017.

Gary W, by e-mail


The court will look at aggravating and mitigating factors when deciding on the penalty so you should draw the court’s attention to the positives of your case. Previous speeding offences and the timing of them may be considered. Therefore it is helpful that you have a clean licence. Good character can be considered so it is helpful you have enrolled on the advanced riding course.

The location and time will be relevant. For example, the court will look less favourably on someone speeding past a school with children around or in a built up area with lots of traffic than on a quiet open road.

I would expect that you will receive a fine and up to 6 penalty points on your licence.

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