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Single justice procedure prosecution

I was recorded at 52mph in a 30 limit. I got the NIP on 16/8/18 and sent it back at once. I thought I was in line for 6 points and a hefty fine but heard nothing until 24/1/19 when I received a letter saying the evidence was being forwarded to the magistrates court and that I would receive a Single Justice Procedure Notice from them. I have a clean licence. What sanction can I expect from the court, will I have to attend and would legal representation be expected or useful as the facts are not in dispute?

BL, by e-mail



The single justice procedure (SJP) is a special type of magistrate court proceedings. These cases are dealt with by one magistrate (the single justice) outside of a courtroom (often inside the court building), it is a paper only hearing, it is in private (so no journalists or lawyers or witnesses and so on). Finally there is no fixed hearing date. The magistrate does not give a specific time or date when the case will be considered. They are obviously going down this route as you pleaded guilty. You can expect points and a fine in addition to some court costs and a “victim” surcharge. Make sure you return the statement of means so they can work out your fine.

SJPs are not held when someone pleads not guilty, disqualification is planned or a court hearing is required.



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