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Rights after dealer left me out of pocket

I recently viewed and agreed to buy a bike from a dealer who was selling it on behalf of a customer. When I viewed the bike the v5 and service records were not present. I was told this was because the bike was only dropped off at the dealers the day before I viewed it. I paid a deposit and agreed to collect the bike the following day. The dealer knew I was travelling 120 miles by public transport to finalise the sale and ride the bike back home. On arriving at the dealers he advised me they could not locate the v5 for the bike. I am out of pocket for my travel costs and an insurance admin fee. I do not want to deal with someone who treats customers this way so I have pulled out of the purchase. I am out of pocket by £90 plus the whole day I was inconvenienced by travelling.

Do I have any rights other than moral decency to recover at least the financial costs I incurred?

John Maclean, by e-mail



I don’t know what terms and conditions you agreed to when you paid the deposit but you may have been given a receipt and a document with the purchase terms. I very much doubt the terms and conditions will cover the situation you describe in terms of getting your travel costs back and compensation for your inconvenience. I think you will have to rely on their goodwill in refunding your travel costs. You should also look into what any terms/conditions say in relation to the deposit but I am confident they will refund it in the circumstances.



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