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Right to return new bike

I bought a new bike two or three weeks ago and was going to have a go at #ride5000miles, but the more I ride it the more I realise that I just don’t like the bike. I took it for a test ride beforehand and was aware that there were a few niggles then, but I thought I would be able to live with them. I’ve now decided that I want to return the bike, but the dealer is playing hardball even though I’m within 30 days. Is there some law I can quote at them?

Gethin John by email



Unfortunately, there is no legal right for you to return a bike just because you have changed your mind. Some dealers operate a short return period (typically, but not always 14 days), but this is up to them and is not required by law. Likewise, some dealers may be willing to allow you to swap the bike, but again this is at the dealer’s discretion.

Your rights as a consumer when buying a bike from a dealer are under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, which says that goods purchased have to be as described; fit for purpose; and of satisfactory quality. If the bike fell down on any of these issues and you were within 30 days of the purchase then you would be able to return the bike; whereas after 30 days you would have to give the dealer the opportunity to repair or replace the bike.

The situation would have been slightly different if you had bought your bike online or over the phone because then you would have had a 14 day cooling off period. However, most dealers seek to avoid this by making any such agreement subject to collecting the bike from their dealership and signing a final contract there.



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