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Where can I get help with riding prosecution

I was riding home in London with my girlfriend on the back after a night out when I had an incident. This guy was road raging me so I decided to speed away from the lights to get away from him. Suddenly a pedestrian ran out in front of me and we collided. I and my girlfriend were injured. The police turned up and breathalysed me and I was under the limit (I had a couple of beers over a few hours but knew I would be fine). At hospital they took a blood sample and I was over the limit. They calculated I was doing 46 in a 30. I am now being charged with dangerous driving whilst intoxicated. I was under the limit and did not cause the crash so I need help as the hearing is coming up.

Anon, by e-mail



You may be entitled to Legal Aid considering this is a serious driving offence. Alternatively many motor insurance policies have legal protection attached which could pay the legal costs of defending the charges against you. Although they often exclude drink driving cases, you are innocent until proven guilty so I would check your policy. There are a few unusual aspects to your case which require investigation. Why did they take a blood sample if you had already passed the road side test? Why are they not further investigating the other driver’s and pedestrian’s conduct in this matter, without which, arguably, the accident would not have happened? I strongly suggest you seek advice from a criminal solicitor as soon as possible.



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