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Can I ride bike to MOT test?

If my MOT has expired, how would that affect my insurance while riding to the MOT test station? My friend says that I would not be insured to ride to the test station because my MOT expired last month so not to do it but my brother who works in car insurance says I should be fine to do so. Who is correct please as I don’t want to run the risk of riding uninsured and getting prosecuted?

Curtis, by e-mail



I believe that your brother is correct on this. Provided you are in possession of a valid insurance certificate, you can ride your motorcycle to a pre-arranged MOT inspection. You can also ride your motorcycle without road tax in these circumstances (en-route to a test and being able to prove this) but having valid insurance is compulsory.

There is no specific guidance on the location or proximity of the MOT inspection, but it would be sensible to find a local garage and to take a direct and undisrupted journey there. For example, don’t stop at a shop on the way. If your motorcycle fails the MOT, then you should contact your insurance provider to discuss whether your policy permits you to travel from the garage. It is better to be safe than sorry. On this point why not call your insurer before setting off to the appointment to get confirmation from them that you are insured – that doesn’t hurt and will give you peace of mind.



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