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Can I appeal fitness to drive decision?

I am soon to be 70 years old and I have sent all my documents to the DVLA to renew my licence. I have a car as well as my BMW touring motorcycle. In 2016 I had a pacemaker fitted that along with medication has cured my arrhythmia but the DVLA saying I am unfit drive because of my pacemaker. Can I appeal against the decision? My licence has not yet been removed – we are still corresponding over it.

Chris Alden, by e-mail



After having a pacemaker fitted you can start driving again after one week as long as you don’t have any symptoms (such as dizziness or fainting) that would affect your driving, you have regular check-ups at the pacemaker clinic and you haven’t recently had a heart attack or heart surgery. You must also tell your insurer that you have a pacemaker. If you drive a large or passenger-carrying vehicle, you’ll have to wait six weeks after your pacemaker is fitted before driving again.

If you disagree with DVLA’s decision to stop you driving you must be able to provide relevant information that was not included in the original assessment. You must also include proof that you meet the required standards for driving. You can also appeal the final decision if you contact your local magistrate’s court within 6 months.

Therefore I suggest you provide the DVLA with supportive letters from your GP and cardiologist and if need be follow the Appeal route.



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