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Bike licence – what are the rules?


I have decided that I would like to get my first bike and wondered what the licence rules are. I don’t have a bike licence but have heard that I may not need one depending on the power of the machine. Is this correct? I have had a car drivers licence for years. Also, what would you recommend as a first bike? Cheers

Gavin, Cheadle



The rules depend on whether you passed your car driving test before or after 1 February 2001. If you passed before this date then you can ride a moped with a maximum power of 50cc and without L plates. If you want to ride something between 50cc and 125cc then you will need to take the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). To remove the L plates or ride a more powerful bike you will need to take practical tests.

If you passed your car test after 1 February 2001 you will need to take the CBT and can ride a bike up to 125cc with L plates. There will be practical tests to pass if you want to remove the L plates or ride a more powerful machine. Before you take your full bike licence tests you will have to take a motorcycle theory and hazard perception test.

In terms of a bike to recommend this will be your personal choice and will be power limited to start with. There are plenty of articles online comparing bikes up to 50cc with reviews that you should study.



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