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£428,000 diesel spill accident compensation for motorcyclist

Mr L was riding his BMW motorcycle when he lost traction on a diesel spillage and slid into an oncoming car.

He suffered a spinal injury that required surgery. He has been left with permanent backache causing him issues in his work and which prevents him from returning to riding motorcycle trials, which was his main hobby before the accident.

For nearly 3 years after the accident, Mr L was unaware that he was entitled to recover any compensation. He then instructed Bikelawyer Solicitors, experts in diesel spillage accidents, to investigate. A claim was submitted to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau and a liability admission was soon secured soon afterwards.

Mr L was initially offered £15,000 to settle his claim. Bikelawyer advise him not to accept this offer and after completing our investigations Bikelawyer were able to achieve a settlement figure of £428,000 (more than 28 times what was originally offered!)

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