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£277,000 for Pillion Passenger

Ms R was a pillion passenger on a motorcycle when a car turned across its path. She was thrown from the bike with force and somersaulted, landing heavily on her hands and knees.

Ms R suffered from an injury to her back and a serious fracture of the patella which inhibited her ability to work and lead to her reducing her work hours and seeking an office-based role.

The third party insurers attempted to buy the claim off for £100,000 before Ms R had fully investigated her claim; however, with Bikelawyer’s assistance, Ms R received the treatment she needed and continued with the claim until settlement was achieved at a level commensurate with her injuries and the effect they had on her life.

A previous firm of solicitors had spoken to Ms R at the outset and intended on pursuing the claim through the low-value claims portal, which is suitable for claims worth up to £25,000 – over 10 times less than the eventual settlement.

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