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Introducing Mental Health Motorbike

Motorcyclists are a tribe bound by the thrill of the open road, the camaraderie of a ride, and a shared love for two wheels. But, although we fuel our bikes well, are we sufficiently fuelling our minds? Today we’re shedding light on an incredible group and UK registered charity, aptly named, Mental Health Motorbike, and their mission, which is of utmost importance to our community.

Every day, this organisation tirelessly works to ensure the mental health wellbeing of our fellow bikers. Dedicating its efforts to reducing the alarming number of suicides reported in the UK, Mental Health Motorbike team stands firm against the rising tides of anxiety, depression, and other mental health adversities devastating our community. Together they are raising awareness around mental health issues and reducing stigma through encouraging bikers to talk.

But they don’t do it alone. The organisation believes in the power of solidarity and mutual support. They encourage bikers to become ambassadors, empowering each individual to look out for their counterparts, to understand, and to help each other on and off the road. By staying neutral and steering clear from club politics, this initiative solely concentrates on what truly matters: supporting mental health.

One of their ambitious visions for the future is a national network of biker mental health first aiders. Imagine, a band of riders crisscrossing the nation, not just enjoying the ride but also ready to provide support to any fellow biker in need.

Though not government-run, Mental Health Motorbike stands tall due to funding from various sources. They champion the sale of merchandise, welcome private donations, and encourage business sponsorships. Moreover, they make good use of grant funding to run and expand their operations.

What’s more, they are always seeking passionate motorcyclists to lend a helping hand. There are numerous volunteer roles that you can take up within the organisation. After all, it is in our nature as bikers to stand together and help each other out. They are also establishing well-being hubs across the country.

Being a biker is more than just riding; it’s about being part of a tight-knit, impactful community. So, let’s back Mental Health Motorbike, as they strive to keep our minds just as healthy as our bikes, ensuring that we truly enjoy the journey, every mile of it.

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