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Changing solicitors during a motorcycle accident claim – what to do?

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be an incredibly traumatising event for both you and your loved ones, especially when you have sustained significant injuries. Choosing to pursue a claim gives you the opportunity to receive the financial compensation that you deserve, aiding your recovery and supporting any changes to your lifestyle, whether short-term or long-term.

Motorcycle accident claims are often complicated, and we believe that such claims are best handled by experts in this niche.  If you’ve started a motorcycle accident claim and you’re not happy with the service, you’ll be pleased to know that switching solicitors part way through the process is an option.

In this blog we’ll discuss what you should do if you’d like to change solicitors, what you can expect as part of this transition, and how we might be able to help.

Why might you choose to change solicitors?

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, your insurance company may well have appointed you a solicitor to handle your motorcycle accident claim. It’s important to know, that just because this solicitor has been appointed to you, you do not need to work with them, and that you have the freedom to choose your own solicitor.

There are many reasons why you might choose to change solicitors part-way through a motorbike accident claim. It could be that you are working with a general accident and injury lawyer, and that you’d prefer to work with a solicitor that specialises in motorcycle accidents and injuries specifically.

Many clients wish to change solicitors because they are unhappy with the progress of their claim, or potentially, with a settlement that they’ve been offered. It might be that a client is dissatisfied with the service in general, for instance, where there is poor communication or lack of clarity around the case progress.

What should I do if I’d like to change solicitor?

If you’ve started a motorcycle accident claim and you’d like to change solicitor, you have the legal right to do so.

You’ll need to provide the case details to the new solicitor that you would like to work with, they’ll get in touch with your current solicitor and tell them that you have decided to change representation. These parties will be able to work out the necessary legal details between themselves, so that your new solicitor can take over your case.

At Bikelawyer, we are experts in motorcycle accident claims, with decades of combined experience in this field, and a fantastic reputation in the industry. If you’ve started a claim elsewhere, and you are unsatisfied with the progress, or you would prefer to work with a motorcycle accident expert, our team can help.

For a second opinion on your case, or to discuss changing solicitors, please get in touch with our experts at Bikelawyer today.

What is the process of changing solicitors during a motorcycle accident claim?

Simply put, the first step is deciding that you’d like to work with a different solicitor, and then choosing the new solicitor that you’d like to work with. When you’re making that choice, it’s worth considering what your frustrations are with your current solicitor’s service, and what’s important to you moving forward.

Once you’ve chosen your new solicitor they’ll get in touch with your current solicitor, informing them that they will be taking over your case, and how this will work legally, moving forward.

Your new solicitor will receive your case file and can then proceed to take over your claim. They will handle all of the associated tasks, including:

  • Communicate to your previous solicitor how any outstanding expenses or fees will be dealt with
  • Provide you with a new agreement to review and sign
  • Notify the defendant’s solicitor regarding the change in representation
  • Review your case file and continue to build your case

While changing solicitors during a claim may sound daunting, the process is straightforward, and one that we have handled many times before.

What might be the issues associated with changing motorcycle accident solicitors?

Changing solicitors is a straightforward process, it is even possible to change solicitors when you are half way through a motorcycle accident claim. If you would like to switch solicitors, your new solicitor will handle the legalities of this on your behalf.

If your current solicitor is acting for you as part of a ‘no win, no fee agreement’, you may be concerned about this causing issues. Usually, in this scenario, your newly chosen solicitors will legally promise your previous solicitors that fees will be on hold until the case has ended. At this point, it would be possible for the previous solicitor to recover any fees owed to them.

When you choose to work with Bikelawyer, our expert solicitors will discuss all such matters with your previous lawyers, whilst ensuring that your interests are protected, and that you understand the processes and your position.

To discuss your motorcycle accident claim today, please get in touch to see how we could help you.

Why choose Bikelawyer?

Bikelawyer is one of the leading specialist motorcycle accident solicitor firms. We care a great deal about the clients we work with, and are incredibly proud of our reputation in the motorcycle accident claims field.

All of our solicitors are expert lawyers and we are passionate about what we do,. Bikelawyer is legal expert to Motor Cycle News (MCN), where we showcase our expertise and contribute to the wider motorcycle community.

Our firm was founded on the genuine desire to help victims of motorcycle accidents and their families, ensuring that clients receive the funds they deserve to support their ongoing recovery and improve their quality of life.

We have represented a large number of clients who have begun their motorcycle accident claim with a different solicitor and later decided to change their representation. We always handle this transition smoothly and work hard to secure you the highest level of compensation possible.

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