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What should I have done after crash?

I was recently involved in a near miss on my bike when a black SUV turned across my path as though I wasn’t there. By some miracle, I managed to go around it without losing control, but I was very shaken up afterwards. I can’t stop thinking about how it could have been worse but also that, if I had been hurt, I would have been clueless about what to do after an accident from a legal standpoint.

Jennifer, by email


Happily, you weren’t injured, but if you were hurt in an accident, what you are going to be able to do will realistically depend on the severity of your injuries.

It’s a requirement to notify the police after an accident involving injury, so if you’re able to, you’ll need to call 999 for the emergency services. They will also ask if you need an ambulance. It may be that someone else needs to do this for you.

If you’re able, you should exchange details with the third-party driver including their name, vehicle registration, make and model, and their contact and insurance details. Try to remain as calm as possible and don’t apologise or admit fault during any discussions. If there were any witnesses, then get their contact details, too.

If you can, take photographs of the damage to and the resting positions of your bike; the third-party vehicle; and the accident location, and try to make a note of anywhere nearby that might have CCTV. When the emergency services arrive give them a full account and write the police incident number down or record it on your phone.

Later, you should write exactly what happened down while its fresh in your mind and inform your insurance company. They may try to put you in touch with their solicitors, but I recommend that you do some research and choose the right lawyer for your needs.



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