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What can I do to reduce speeding penalty?

I was recently caught speeding on a sunny Sunday morning. The road was still a bit damp from overnight rain but otherwise the conditions were fine. My speed was 79mph in a 60mph. The road was very quiet at that time of the morning with no hazards or obstructions or junctions nearby.

I responded to the letter confirming it was me riding. I got a reply saying that due to the speed it will go to court. I have since enroled in a Training Course run by the police force.

Could you give me some advice on any further action I can take to minimise the penalty? I currently have a clean license since 2015.

Roger D, by e-mail



The court will look at aggravating and mitigating factors when deciding on the punishment so you should highlight the positives of your case. Previous speeding offences and the timing of them may be considered. Therefore it is helpful that you have a clean licence. Good character can be considered so it is helpful you have enrolled on the safety course. The location and time can be important. For example, they will look less favourably on someone speeding past a school with children around than on a quiet open road. They will likely consider the weather conditions so the damp roads may go against you.

I suspect it is most likely you will end up with a fine and up to 6 points.



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