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Should I be getting a lockdown insurance rebate?

Some of my friends have had refunds on their insurance policies for using their cars and bikes less during the lockdowns. I hardly used mine at all, but haven’t heard anything. Is there a legal loophole or some other way I can make them give me a refund?

Dylan, by email



Figures from the Department for Transport show that there was drop of around 25% in accidents involving injuries on the road last year. As you can imagine, many of the insurance companies have done very well out of that.

Some insurers have offered blanket refunds (usually £20 to £50) to all customers who used their vehicles less during the lockdown, but the majority haven’t and there is no obligation for them to do so.

Your insurer may allow you to revise your estimated mileage during the policy, which could result in a reduced premium, though they are likely to charge an admin fee and that could wipe out any savings. Basically it will depend on the good will of your insurer.



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