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Is there a blanket 20mph speed limit in Wales?

I am visiting North Wales next month for a motorcycling trip with friends. I have recently been informed that there will be a blanket speed limit of 20mph on most roads. Is this correct?

Alex, Liverpool



A new default speed limit was introduced in Wales on 17 September 2023. However, the new rules do not apply on all roads. It simply made the default speed limit on restricted roads 20mph rather than 30mph. You ought to be able to identify these roads as they are generally residential or busy pedestrian streets with streetlights.

Not all the current 30mph roads are restricted roads. These will remain at 30mph and will be signed.

I don’t know what route you intend to take. If you are riding around the beautiful country roads in and around Eryri National Park, then it is unlikely the new rules will have any bearing on these roads.

A helpful guide regarding these changes is available on the Welsh Government’s website.

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