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Insurance hike after no fault accident

I was involved in an accident just over 3 months ago. Luckily I was not injured but my motorcycle was badly damaged. I have just had my bike repaired and I’m now ready to get back on the road. The thing is, my insurance premium is also up for renewal and I have been quoted an extra £200.00 for the year ahead. This seems unfair as I was told by my insurance company that primary liability has been admitted by the other side. Is there anything I can do

Mike Newall (via Twitter @BikelawyerUK)



An admission of primary liability is simply the third party agreeing that they are at some fault for the accident. The secondary element here, would be any contributory negligence they could prove against you, which could be as much as 90%. As it currently stands and if liability is not resolved 100% in your favour, before the renewal date, then the accident will be lodged as a fault incident and your premium will likely increase accordingly.

The reason for this is that your insurer considers you to have made a claim whether their potential outlay for the accident is £100 or £100,000. If, following the renewal date, you are fully exonerated, then your insurer ought to refund you the difference in the premium price and note the claim as non-fault, though even non-fault accidents can increase your insurance premiums with some insurers.

As it stands, the best way forward would to contact your insurer and find out how likely it is that the third party will be found 100% at fault, and the terms of your renewal. You may also wish to shop around to see if another insurer can get you a better deal if you haven’t already done so.



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