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Hit while avoiding emergency vehicle

I was on my way to work in single lane traffic which was going at about 15 mph as it was rush hour. I heard a siren behind me and there was an ambulance coming with lights flashing. I moved over to the left slightly to allow it past which it did. As I was moving back to the right a car knocked me off my bike. He obviously wanted to follow the ambulance to get through the traffic quicker. My collar bone was broken and I will be unable to work for a couple of months. Do I claim against just the car driver or the ambulance service as well?

Leslie, New Malden



You did the correct thing in moving across to let the ambulance driver pass you. If there is any CCTV available I suggest you obtain the footage before it is overwritten. If it is the case that the other driver was tagging onto the back of the ambulance to make faster progress and in doing so failed to have due regard to other road users (it is reasonably foreseeable that other drivers will have pulled over and will need to re-join the carriageway) then it is likely that he will be completely at fault for the accident.

It may be he will say that had you looked in your mirror you would have seen him and not pulled out to the right but I think he will be the one that will be held fully responsible and his insurer should compensate you. The ambulance driver is not to blame.



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