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I still have mental health issues after an accident

I had a bike accident 2 years ago. My doctors have told me that I have reached the optimum recovery from my physical injuries but my mental health has really suffered since the accident. I never had mental health issues before but now I often find myself down, anxious and depressed. My solicitor says she will send me to a Psychiatrist for a medical report in my case and while I am grateful for this I was wondering what other help may be out there so I can start trying to help myself as I feel like a burden on my family and would like to be the cheerful optimistic person I used to be. Thank you in advance.

Anonymous, by e-mail



It is very common for those seriously injured in accidents to suffer from psychological or psychiatric difficulties and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Adjusting to new physical limitations and restrictions in life can be hard to accept. Guilt about the burden placed on partners and family members is also common, with partners often becoming somewhat of a care provider. There are plenty of sources of help and I would suggest you speak to your GP for referral to a specialist for help. It may be by way of therapy or medication but each person has his and her own needs.  There are also charities that can help, for example Mental Health Motorbike ( – a free face to face and online mental health support charity for bikers.

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