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Can I keep my “written-off” bike?


Following an off my insurer appointed an engineer to examine my bike. He reported back to my insurer that the bike is a write-off and the insurer will not let me have the bike back. They say they will pay me and that the bike belongs to them. Is there any way I can have the bike back as I am sure I could use some parts and even fix it myself?



A write-off usually means that the vehicle will be retained by the insurance company instead of being repaired, with the owner receiving a cash payment of the value. Write off means ‘beyond economical repair’. An uneconomical repair is based on a repair to value ratio which can differ between insurers.

Insurance assessors use categories of write-off to rank the seriousness of accident damage. Two categories represent very serious damage, but two other categories are for economic write-offs; where damage is expensive but not necessarily dangerous.

Category A: Scrap only. For vehicles so badly damaged, there are few or no salvageable parts. Should never re-appear on road.

Category B: Signifies extensive damage, although some parts are salvageable. Should never re-appear on road.

Category C: vehicle is repairable but the costs exceed the vehicle’s value. Can re-appear on road.

Category D: vehicle is repairable but repair costs are significant compared to the vehicle value. Can re-appear on road.

You therefore need to find out which category of write-off your bikes is in.



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