Alan Oliver - 22nd November 2023
I was unfortunate enough to be involved in a life-changing motorcycle accident in August 2018. Lying in a hospital bed in a trauma unit means you are approached by various people representing various companies.  I knew pretty much from the start that Bikelawyer were going to be my choice. Unfortunately, we came up against probably one of the hardest, recalcitrant defendants’ insurers out there and to say the journey of 62 months to its satisfactory conclusion has been frustrating is a huge understatement.  But, through it all Jon and later Richard Dykes & the appointed Barrister were A1 in their direction & advice.  I guess you don't really know how good your legal representation is until the conclusion, and many times before I questioned whether I had done the right thing.  Thankfully, Bikelawyer were at the end completely brilliant.  If you are unfortunate enough to be seeking legal counsel in the event of an RTC take it from me, these are the "go-to" guys.  Highly recommended.

Michael Horsham - 3rd November 2023
I was very pleased with the service and attention I had from Bikelawyer! Due to my injuries and treatment, it turned into a protracted affair, but Cameron kept me updated by phone and email and achieved a good outcome.

Stefan Dermendjiev – 10th October 2023
I had a motorbike accident just over three years ago and contacted several lawyers at the time for help. I was a bit confused, the trauma from the accident was still fresh and I needed professional advice. After contacting several companies I decided to go with Ian Dexter as he had specific experience and was one of the few that believed I had a good chance of winning my case. He decided to represent me straight away and built my case very carefully, with attention to the smallest detail. As a result at the end we were offered a substantial compensation.  I am very grateful for what he and his team did for me and the support I had during this difficult period and I recommend Bikelawyer highly if you find yourself in a similar situation like me.  

ND – 7th October 2023
I contacted Bikelawyer after I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in 2021 resulting in substantial injuries, I had the fortune of speaking with Ian Dexter, who after an initial discussion and email took on my claim.  The claim was far from straightforward, Ian’s professional and diligent approach to technical and legal matters was incredible, the case was resolved and settled with 100% liability awarded against a third party.  If you have had a motorcycle accident and suffered substantial injuries through no fault of your own, I would recommend that you contact Bikelawyer, as they are first-class lawyers who go above and beyond to get the best results for their clients.  Thank you, Ian, for everything you did for me, it allows me to finally close this chapter and get on with my recovery.

KF – 21st August 2023
When I first contacted Bikelawyer about my accident I straight away felt at ease talking to them on the phone and knew I made the right choice in choosing them.   All the way through the claim they kept me updated of the progress, sorted all my hospital appointments out making the journey easier than I anticipated.  I would highly recommend this company and a big thank you to Hanna Campbell for getting me through this and now I can move on.

Eammon Wren – 26th July 2023
Thank you Bikelawyer for a first-class service! After a very poor response from my insurance provided law firm I was astounded when I called Bikelawyer and my call was answered immediately by a Partner who was happy to discuss the details of my case, at length, there and then, so no automated answering system, no put on hold for 20 minutes, no 'we'll be in touch', just good care and advice and answers to my many questions.  My case was then transferred to Cameron Tippings who managed my claim efficiently, professionally, and quickly to a successful conclusion.  Cameron's advice and responses to my messages were clear, providing guidance through the claim process, and very quick, invariably responding the same day. My recommendation would be to avoid legal assistance provided by insurance companies and get in touch with Bikelawyer.

Mark Wikinson – 4th July 2023
I will start this testimonial by saying that Bikelawyer came straight to mind after my motorcycle accident on a diesel spill in June 2016.  I knew about Bikelawyer from reading their weekly column in MCN. As soon as I was discharged from hospital, I contacted them, and Jon Edwards looked after me – he went above and beyond in everything he did for me he helped me no end.  He organised many different specialists to see me, even arranging appointments to happen at my home address.  He also organised physio sessions in my hometown that really did help me a lot. The claim has now come to an end, and I am very happy indeed of the outcome, which is all down to Jon and his team at Bikelawyer. So, people who are looking for a vehicle accident lawyer look no further…

Stewart Goodwill – 26th June 2023
I would recommend Bikelawyer to all that need such legal services. As we all know insurance companies wriggle before making any decision involving a claim. Cameron Tippings at Bikelawyer is the right man to have in your corner, making any hoops to jump through much more straightforward and leading to a positive outcome. 

Hilke Nentwich – 4th April 2023
I chose Bikelawyer because I had a car accident involving a diesel spill that could have disabled or killed a motorcyclist, and I wanted to be represented by someone who understood the seriousness. I would like to thank Ian and his team for the professional, diligent, and compassionate handling of my case. Ian's advice throughout was excellent. Thanks to the settlement, I have been able to make significant progress with my physical and mental recovery. Thank you, Ian, you have made a huge difference to my quality of life (and that of my family!).

David Wright – 13th February 2023
I would like to express my thanks to you and your company for the professional way in which you dealt with my claim following my RTC in September 2020. Thank you for the provision of an independent company to provide an assessment of my needs/rehabilitation.  The provision of specialist consultants and access to physiotherapy ensured a steady recovery despite the lockdown due to the Covid19.  You kept me informed of progress as the claim progressed and gave advice at appropriate times to ensure I had the best outcome. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone in the future in the confidence that they would receive a high standard of service.  Many thanks for your support and professionalism throughout.

CL – 23rd January 2023
I had an accident on a diesel spill a few years back, and despite the process being a long one, Hanna was supportive and responsive throughout the entire thing.  She was always positive and willing to help and explain things in terms that were simple enough for anyone to understand. I can't thank her enough; she is a credit to the company. Received a payment that I thought was fair for the injuries that I had received. I strongly recommend her and the team as a whole. 

Alexandru Movila – 12th January 2023
I would like to express my gratitude and recognition towards the efforts of my solicitor, in this case, Mr. Ian Dexter, who demonstrated competency, support, trust and compassion towards myself as a victim of the accident and towards the case.  Ian was always there, chasing me for signing documents, requesting details, drawings, supporting documents and so on, as I was trying to manage a full-time remote job and personal challenges. Thank you very much Bikelawyer! You have been top notch with handling my claim.

Amina Bouhassane – 19th December 2022
Thank you very much for your help and support.

Stuart Dye – 25th November 2022
After what has been without doubt the most difficult 5 years of my life, Andrew Campbell has successfully brought my claim to its climax. He and the team at Bikelawyer were nothing short of exemplary. They conducted every correspondence not only with great professionalism but arguably more importantly with a great deal of empathy. This meant the claim felt more like it was being dealt with by a family member due to the level of care and attention shown, I really could not recommend them strongly enough. I find it difficult to put into words how grateful I am to them for everything they have done. Do not hesitate to get in touch with them if you find yourself in need of representation.

Keith Mattingly – 23rd November 2022
Thank you so much for your excellent service. Ian Dexter’s work was great to make the highways agency admit full responsibility. I will definitely recommend you.

Chris Thomas – 23rd November 2022
I really mean this, thank you so much, you have no idea how much this has just helped me

Jake Saunders – 15th November 2022
Thank you so much for all your hard work on this and getting this amazing result. I am honestly over the moon. I will absolutely be referring any fellow bikers your way if ever they are in need.

Steve Watson – 8th November 2022
Thank you for all your help and support. Your company has been fantastic.

Rob Garnett – 28th October 2022
On the 21st November 2020 I was involved in a Road Traffic Collision of no fault of my own (fuel oil on road). My motorbike that I cherished was totally destroyed. As well as the normal cuts and bruises, I suffered a fractured collarbone and concussion. Beside the physical injuries I also suffered emotional distress seeing my beloved motorbike scattered down the A55, I was unable to work and at a total loss at what to do next, so I gave Richard a call at BikeLawyer. Richard immediately jumped into action putting my fears at rest and taking time to explain about the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB). Richard strongly argued my case with MIB who accepted responsibility. I received compensation for my motorbike very quickly (which is all I really wanted). However, Richard had not yet finished, demanding further compensation from MIB for my injuries, I received a substantial payout from MIB, all thanks to the dedication and determination of Richard Dykes and BikeLawyer.

Gillan Williams – 12th October 2022
Bikelawyer were excellent to deal with. My case was professionally handled and was successfully settled. I highly recommend them if you have suffered a motorcycle accident.

Laura Bott – 11th October 2022.
Ian became my solicitor after my husband was in a motorbike vs car accident and later passed away. Ian was always very kind and patient when communicating with me. He always kept me updated with the case when there was any new information and explained everything very well. He was always happy to answer any questions I had and got back to me quickly. He handled the case very well and professionally, working hard over a number of years, and achieved an outcome for me that I was very happy with. 
Due to the nature of the case and what happened he was always very sensitive towards me and my emotions when having to discuss some of the more sensitive and emotional parts of the case. I cannot thank Ian enough for what he has done for me and my son, and all the hard work, time and dedication he has put in to make sure we got a good outcome.

Ian Humphreys – 21st September 2022
Having been involved in a motorcycle accident In 2019, I contacted Bikelawyer. After a quick phone call with Andrew Campbell he decided to take on my case. Due to the circumstances of the accident I did not hold out much hope of a successful outcome, but after three years of hard work by Andrew he managed exactly that. I cannot thank him enough. He was an absolute delight to deal with. Keeping me in the loop with everything that was going on. As such I would not hesitate in recommending  Bikelawyer.

Affiyah Akabah – 25th August 2022
Bikelawyer represented me over 3 years due to a motorbike injury. They were professional, gave an honest advice and addressed all my concerns. They were supportive & realistic, and the outcome was more than I anticipated. Thank you once again for all your help and advice . Brilliant lawyers who know what they are doing and have your interest at heart. Special thanks to Ian D.

Mr FG – 24th August 2022
Thanks. Not just for the way you handled the case during this long period of time and the result achieved with the compensation, but also for all the assistance you provided through the rehabilitation company. My quality of life had a great improvement and I managed to get to the stage I am today thanks to the assistance I received.

Fred Mitchell – 7th June 2022
I want to thank you a lot for all your help, patience, and work grind in order to get all of this completed. I am very happy with the results, and if or when I am to be in a bike accident again, I shall come straight back to you. I highly recommend Bike lawyers services.

Nick Gates – 13th May 2022
After dealing with the insurance company's solicitor I decided to go with Bike Lawyer instead. And I was so glad I did. Andrew Campbell was absolutely first rate, he was always there to answer any questions I had. He is friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. He kept me in the loop of what was going on with regular updates and the next steps to be taken and which specialist to see next. This resulted in a very favorable outcome. I absolutely recommend Bike Lawyer.

Owen Higgins – 13th April 2022
Many thanks for your service.  You put many solicitors I've known over the years to shame. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing your service in the further!

Eve Illkley - 5th February 2022
Just a massive thank you. From the start they handled everything in a very professional manner, and yet, still in a very personal way, so you feel supported from the start, you are not worried to ask questions, where sometimes, answers are pretty much obvious. They listen and follow up on everything you say and advise what needs to happen, when and how . They give you a very clear picture what is happening, where you are and what to expect. Like i said, just a massive thank you. I felt really supported and understood throughout the whole process.  Hopefully, I won't be in the same place ever again, but if I am, I know where to go!

Jessica Garrett - 1st February 2022
Ian from Bike Lawyer was really helpful, explaining things in simple terms and guiding me through the process. I am so happy to have had my claim settled with minimal stress along the way.

Martin Upchurch - 31st January 2022
When I had my motorbike accident, I had life-threatening polytrauma, a brain bleed + other injuries resulting in 7+ weeks in hospital, and my wife first contacted Bikelawyer.  I was kept up to date all the way, they explained every single process to me. Thanks to Jon Edwards and the team, for taking my case and helping me throughout the past difficult and emotional 3 ½ years and getting me the best result. I will not hesitate to recommend their services to others.

Andrew Lonie – 21st December 2021
Thank you for all your help and advice with my claim.  You have been very professional about it and have always kept me informed and up to date with my case.

Ian Moore - 14th December 2021
I’d like to thank Ian Dexter for his expert knowledge and strategic approach to handling my claim and for navigating it to a successful settlement. After a hit and run accident involving a fraudulently insured vehicle which left me with life-changing multiple trauma injuries, the law firm appointed by my insurer advised me that there was little prospect of a claim succeeding against the third-party insurer and that my claim would need directing to the Motor Insurers Bureau instead.
Having seen Bikelawyer articles in MCN, I decided to get their second opinion and was advised by Ian that there was in fact a route for taking my claim to the third-party insurer. Ian then handled my case over the next 3.5 years; tackling some complicated legal circumstances, providing regular updates and engaging various consultants along the way to build my case.
The third-party insurers put forward a settlement offer after court proceedings were issued, which Ian then gave excellent advice with negotiating a higher agreement. I’m confident the amount I received is significantly more than any amount I would have been awarded by the MIB, had I not switched to Bikelawyer.
I would happily recommend Bikelawyer for any motorcycle related claims and would recommend giving them a call if you have any doubt over the advice you are receiving from an existing law firm.

Sarah Coultas – 15th November 2021
I had my first RTA in 2017 and was being taken to court by the chap that turned into me.  He was fine – I was not! I ruined my left leg, resulting in permanent soft tissue and nerve damage/ hyper sensitivity and numbness in patches.
My previous help with this case didn't explain a lot of anything to me, I didn't even realise I was entitled to make a counter claim for my injuries etc. 
I came across Bikelawyer online and immediately called them up. They accepted my case and explained every single process to me and helped me get evidence from my employers at the time etc. I was kept updated throughout, could always call if unsure and would have it explained and gave their expert advice. 
Thanks to the great team, and my solicitor Ian Dexter, for taking my case and helping me throughout these past 4+ years.  I couldn't have asked for better support.  Ian is very easy to talk to and get along with. He explains everything as you go and made me feel secure as his client.
I would 100% recommend for any Motorcycle RTAs.  I am so grateful to you! Thank you again!

Tracey Johnson – 20th September 2021
I came across Bikelawyer when I was searching for information after my accident. The positive testimonials prompted me to call Richard and explain about my accident.  Carol Nash had basically fobbed me off and said I had no claim with them after I came off my scooter and then a friend ran over me, causing significant injuries. I have no memory of the accident a year ago. I initially spoke with Richard and then Hanna took on my case.
The last year has been emotional and challenging, but Hanna has kept me informed and guided me every step of the way. I have received amazing professional treatment and the substantial payout I have been awarded is way more than I expected. This will help me immensely to fund further physio and therapy. Hanna and the team, I cannot thank you enough for the perfect service you have provided to me. Bikelawyer deserve an award for the fantastic service that they provide. Thank you so much!

Nathan Harris – 27th July 2021
I’d like to thank the Bikelawyer team for their hard work and support.  I had in fact started off with a different solicitor but had been unimpressed with their communication. They were a bigger and more “well-known” firm, and now understand that isn’t always better.  I instructed Bike lawyer after reading many a positive testimonial, and now I’m writing one myself. Looking back, I am certain I made the right decision.
I found Richard to be up-front, fair, and risk conscious, whilst pursing the very best possible outcome for settlement. He and the team provided excellent support through what was a very difficult time in my life.  I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone considering pursuing a claim for personal injury.

David Higgs – 15th July 2021
Just a quick note to say how happy I am with the result you have got from my compensation claim. I initially chose another well known solicitors firm as they sponsor British superbikes, but I am very glad I changed my mind and went with your firm. Thanks again for all your efforts.

John Palmer - 14th July 2021
Whilst cycling to my local station to catch a train work, my bike slid from beneath me due to diesel left on a road by contractors on a nearby building site. This resulted in a fractured hip and time away from work which was less than ideal being self-employed. From first contact with Richard at BikeLawyer to the successful outcome of my claim, the process was smooth and professional. Richard kept me informed throughout and answered any questions I had promptly. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bikelawyer to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to my own.

Russell Bould - 25th May 2021
IF you EVER need unrivalled professional legal help after a motorbike accident DO NOT WASTE TIME LOOKING ELSEWHERE.  I cannot thank the Bikelawyer team enough.
Client Care - For me this was a must - My case was hard and challenging but I felt 100% understood and cared throughout my case.
Jon Edwards has the best Analytical Skills ,Judgment, Perseverance, Logical Thinking Ability and his sympathetic and caring natural ways have been unmeasurable for myself and my family from day 1 of my claim.
I will always be thankful to Bikelawyer who have represented me in the most professional way I have ever experienced. I can truly say their legal skills have really made a huge impact on my life moving forward.

Nicușor Capră – 7th April 2021
I wanted to say again a big thank you for helping to resolve and ensure the best possible outcome on my behalf. I know you have a lot of clients so I really appreciated your prompt responses and the fact that you communicated with me all the time. Thank you again for your legal advice, time, and effort. Wish you all the best!

Craig McNeill – 26th March 2021
Using a specialist motorcycle law firm seemed logical for a motorcycle related claim. Ian was excellent throughout, kept me updated and ensured the claim was dealt with professionally. I'm delighted with the outcome and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bikelawyer to fellow bikers.

Darren Truman – 10th February 2021
I would like to give my upmost thank to Cameron Tippings for the way in which he handled my claim. Each process was handled with extreme professionalism in a timely manner and I was never in any doubt my claim was being handled to the fullest. Cameron explained each process with complete clarity on every step of the way which gave me full reassurance during a potentially stressful time.  I would have no hesitation what so ever in recommending Bike Lawyer to anyone who is unfortunate enough to need legal representation following a motorcycle incident.  

Brendan Kelly – 23rd December 2020
Great advice and excellent follow up - everything explained clearly and concisely, and a successful result against the fault party's insurer who had been thoroughly obstructive.  Very satisfied, thank you guys!

Jacob Toase – 18th December 2020
Was recommended to use Bike Lawyer instead of insurance solicitors by people I knew who had also had similar incidents and after using Bike Lawyer myself I would say the same to anyone I know. Nice people who will get you the best they can.

Mr P - 2nd November 2020
I am very happy with the service I received from Andrew Campbell. I first phoned him around February 2020 and by November 2020 he had processed my claim and received payment which he transferred over straight away. He was very helpful  and good at communicating. He answered all of my questions as quickly as he could. Overall I am very happy with the service and the large amount of money I received. Highly recommend.

Eddie Giddings - 29th October 2020
Just wanted to say a big thank you, for your hard work,  sound advice and patience with my claim. Sadly I won’t be riding a bike again anytime soon. However I will strongly recommend your services should I come across anyone that’s in need of a claim. 

Jake Eaves - 28th October 2020
Bikelawyer have been excellent in handling my claim, I was impressed with the company's commitment to my case. Never an issue with communication and always felt well understood.  The best solicitors for motorcycle claims. Extremely happy with the result, and many thanks to all the team at Bikelawyer.

KC, Manchester - 27th October 2020
I found Bikelawyer in MCN following an incident with a delivery driver. I dealt with Ian Dexter, who was very easy to work with, took the time to explain things to me, was very knowledgeable and I felt did a very good job (especially dealing with me). I would certainly recommend Ian and Bikelawyer to anyone who needs legal assistance.

Helen S – 2nd October 2020
When I had my motorbike accident in late 2017, I instructed Bikelawyer to manage my case after reading several reviews on the company. From the very first communication, I found Ian to be not only highly knowledgeable, professional and thorough, but also kind, calm and comforting. Through some physically and emotionally challenging times, I was able to rely on Ian and the team to ensure that my needs were heard, met, and exceeded. I felt a huge amount of trust and confidence in the team and their ability to manage my case in the best way possible. The final outcome of my case far exceeded expectations, and I firmly believe this is due to the diligent and extensive work carried out by Mr Ian Dexter. I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, and for your personable and gentle manner. Kindest regards and many many thanks.

Luigi Gallo – 28th September 2020
You have been clear, professional and very helpful since the beginning and I have a lot of gratitude for everything you have done for me.

Richard & Rita - 17th September 2020
Following an accident both myself and my pillion sustained minor injuries.  The third party had admitted fault but we decided to seek help and contacted Bikelawyer.  They were understanding, professional and patient and quickly enabled us to secure the outcome we had hoped for.

Tadas Ribokas – 14th September 2020
I was involved in road traffic accident with my motorcycle. Soon after that I contacted Bikelawyer and made a no-win no-fee claim. I was very well informed and received regular updates. They gave me excellent advice and their professionalism was very good. Together we we won the case and I left very happy with the results. Thank you Bikelawyer!

Stuart Metcalfe – 13th August 2020
Having seen Andrew Campbell writing a column in MCN for some time, when I had need of some legal advice in relation to a road traffic incident on behalf of a motorcycle chum of mine, I contacted Andrew this week. He responded close to immediately, was friendly, helpful, responsive and professional.
He looked at the case and gave his opinion within a very short time.  It’s a delight to meet with such professionalism.

Kathleen Coates - 19th May 2020
Very many thanks for the hard work put into bringing my awarded compensation to a conclusion.  My solicitor was always available to communicate with me with precision when I had any queries or concerns and I would recommend Bikelawyer to friends in the future.

Dario Dendi - 9th April 2020
I had the best experience with Bikelawyer, they really did their best to obtain the highest level of compensation.  I received great level of communication from my lawyer, who was professional, courteous and patient throughout the entire process. Top marks!!

Paul - 8th April 2020
I would like to thank Bikelawyer for the way they dealt with my claim after a serious Motorcycle accident in 2017. They kept me updated at all times and explained exactly what was happening through a very stressful time. I have now received my compensation and would not hesitate to recommend this company.

Conor Steel – 1st April 2020
I would like to thank everyone at Bikelawyer for the help they gave me after my accident.  They were kind and carefully explained everything during a difficult period in my life.  They helped me receive a large sum of compensation which I am extremely happy with.

Ela Szyndlarewicz - 30th March 2020
Thank you for all your help in completing the claim. I found your service incredibly efficient, and communication with you excellent - with immediate responses. The whole process was made perfectly clear, with you being a step ahead to prepare me for everything. I felt well informed throughout the process. Many thanks for everything!

Pierce Jacobs - 27th March 2020
I received an absolutely outstanding service! I honestly thought I would receive no compensation at all and received a lot more then I was expecting. These guys are the real deal, completely honest throughout the entire process. I would recommend to anyone going through any motorcycle injury claim to use this company. I do not have enough good words to say about them. OUTSTANDING!!

Dariusz Moszczynski - 3rd March 2020
The first time I contacted Bikelawyer I didn't think I was going to win any compensation. The 'no win, no fee' policy made my decision lot easier and I am glad I went for it. Ian made sure I was making informed decisions and explained everything in detail. I am very happy with the outcome and will use Bikelawyer again if needed.

Laurence Dalton - 29th  January 2020
I am delighted not only at the amount you’ve negotiated but also the way you've dealt with things. Many many thanks!

Scott Sloane - 8th January 2020
I contacted Bikelawyer in the days following my accident due to a recommendation from a colleague. Ian provided continuous updates on the case throughout; explaining everything in simple terms. I found the service to be incredibly professional, considerate and clear. Ian managed every aspect of the process, meaning the case progressed to settlement without any distractions from my recovery or my return to work. This is definitely an expert service, providing honest and clear advice; I would certainly recommend Bikelawyer to anyone

Michael Blackwell - 2nd January 2020
From initial contact through to the successful conclusion of my case, I found Bikelawyer to be supportive, helpful and extremely thorough. I received prompt and detailed answers to any questions I had and I was kept fully informed of progress at all times. I have had nothing but outstanding service from them and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone else seeking help with resolving a personal injury claim.

Vincent Gascoigne - 5th November 2019​
I cannot thank Hanna & the team at Bikelawyer enough, for all of the work put into getting a successful result for me. I was injured in a non fault motorcycle accident, & required surgery as a result. I was treated with sympathy & respect by Hanna, who kept me well informed & regularly updated. On the odd occasion that I needed to call, if Hanna wasn’t available, Ian was on hand to help, & was always able to keep me up to date. I hope that I never need to use their services again, but I am confident in their abilities, should the need arise, & I would recommend their services, to anyone needing legal help after an accident.

Derek Cunningham - 24th September 2019
I used Bikelawyer to claim for a non-fault motorbike accident.  My Solicitor, Ian Dexter, has been extremely helpful and professional from day one.  I was surprised how quickly my claim was handled and would highly recommend their services.

Colin Hilliard – 11th September 2019
I would like to thank Bikelawyer and especially Ian Dexter for the time and effort they put into my claim.  They were very professional and courteous at all times and always kept me informed on how things were going regarding my claim.  Ian Dexter secured me an excellent settlement which I'm very happy with and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who was in the same situation as me, recovering from a motorcycle accident.

Mr El Tobgy - 22 August 2019
You’ll always be my lawyer for these things and I always tell others about you.  Thank you so much

Mr DB - 3rd June 2019
Thank you very much for your help. I found you and your colleagues very professional

Kieron Goddard - 23rd May 2019
The service we received from Ian at Bikelawyer was sensitively handled, highly competent, professional, speedy and efficient. The advice, guidance and support was excellent, well communicated and expertly executed.

Chris Radford - 28th March 2019
I would like to thank you for your advice and support during my claim.  You got us out of a pickle at short notice and made me feel at ease when dealing with matters of importance.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family.

Mark Edmondson- 26th February 2019
Hanna, I just wanted to express my thanks for all the hard work you have put in on my case and the successful outcome achieved.
You have acted in a very professional and knowledgeable manner over all aspects of my case. You have always replied promptly with any queries I have had  concerning my case and I have found that everyone at Bike Lawyer has been polite, patient and efficient whenever I have had to contact the office.
I hope I will never have to use you again but if I did need to I wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

Scott Roof - 17th January 2019
I would like to thank you for everything you have done in the past three years. Everything has been nice and smooth and all your correspondence with myself has been brilliant. I will certainly recommend you to anybody in the future who requires your services.

Tim C – 26th October 2018
I called Bikelawyer after being unhappy with the solicitors firm arranged by my insurance company following a motorbike accident in September 2014.  Ian Dexter was in charge of my case and the service provided by him was excellent.  I was always kept up to speed on all aspects of the claim and any issues/queries were dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.  
I would highly recommend Bikelawyer and I wouldn't hesitate in using them again, although hopefully that won’t be necessary!! 
Thank you for all your help Ian

Sgt Chris Loftus​ - 20th September 2018
Having been Medically Discharged from the military as a result of the injuries caused in a motorcycle accident, Jon and his team at Bikelawyer sought out the best possible expert witnesses with relevant experience in dealing with military personnel.
Jon was always on hand to provide full and thorough explanations of the long processes for making a successful claim, he was professional and understanding throughout.
I would thoroughly recommend Bikelawyer to anyone.

Jae -18th September 2018
I would like to thank Bikelawyer, specifically Ian Dexter for the outstanding service I received during my claim. I cannot highly recommended them enough. I was always well informed of every detail and always felt assured that Ian is looking after my best interest.

Unlike other firms I had used previously through my insurance, where my case was constantly being passed around through different people and always felt nobody cared for my case, with Bikelawyer it was always one-on-one with Ian Dexter and hassle free.
Just a recommendation is not enough, everyone and anyone with a claim MUST use Bikelawyer, you won’t be disappointed, guaranteed.

Joanne Helliwell -14th August 2018
​After a long recovery from a bike accident in 2014 Bikelawyer has been there for me every step of the way.
I would recommend Jon Edwards to anyone who has unfortunately suffered a accident. He is always professional and always had my best interest at heart. I was grateful for all his hard work so I got the best possible outcome at the end.
We did our homework and choosing Bikelawyer definitely paid off!

Olly Crick - 6th August 2018
Bikelawyer are an outstanding, first-rate firm. Andrew Campbell looked after my case with the utmost professionalism, keeping me well advised and well informed throughout. I couldn't have asked for a better service. Top marks all round, I simply can't fault them. Brilliant.

Mike – 27th July 2018
From reading your column in MCN and calling you to enquire if I could claim in any way to receiving a cheque in less than a year is fantastic when my insurance company did not want to know. Thanks so much.

Ben Robinson – 23rd May 2018
​Hanna was a pleasure to deal with, both professional and friendly. She kept me well informed and made sure I understood all my options.
I'd recommend Bikelawyer!

Lee Fowler - 21st May 2018
I’d just like to say thank you for all the support and understanding you’ve given me throughout my recovery and dealing with the claim.  I’m really pleased with the outcome.  The level of professionalism you’ve shown whilst making sure that I felt involved at all times was also very comforting. 

After a previous personal injury claim and that leaving a very sour taste in my mouth to say the least,  I would not hesitate to recommend Bikelawyer to another person in my situation at anytime. I can’t say this enough THANK YOU!

Damien Thompson - 27th April 2018
Three years ago I hit a diesel spill on my bike on the way to work breaking both my tibia and fibula.
Andrew Campbell organised everything from private consultations with doctors and private physiotherapy to help at home. He made the whole process easy straightforward and hassle free!

Andrew made it so easy, he literally did everything he could and more, exceeded all expectations, can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me.

Andrew Campbell is the go-to man; Bikelawyer the go-to motorcycle injury specialist - 5*

Danny Austin - 23rd March 2018
Bikelawyer have been great to work with. They laid everything out in an easy to understand way. The communication was excellent and I was always in the loop with progress on my case.

Darron Jones – 15th March 2018
I would like to express my sincere thanks for the help and professionalism of Andrew and Ian over the last four years. It’s been a long drawn out and peculiar set of circumstances (evident in the number of case files!) made all the more awkward by the view and position adopted by the defence however it was a great outcome, far better than I initially anticipated. Be assured I won’t think twice in recommending your services in the future.

Lee Fowler – 14th March 2018
Thanks Richard for everything you've been nothing short of amazing, you've restored my faith in people and solicitors!

Jason Wishart – 15th February 2018
Many thanks to Bikelawyer and especially Andrew Campbell!

They dealt with my case in a very professional manner and made me feel secure and relaxed throughout. I never felt as though I was alone and I was always kept in the loop, always giving me regular updates on how the case was progressing.

I would highly recommend Bikelawyer and Andrew Campbell as their service was fantastic!!

Sandra Aaron – 6th February 2018
I would like to thank you and your team for the efforts you made with my claim. I will of course be pleased to recommend your company if any friends or colleagues find themselves in need of representation. 

Richard Furniss, Leading Barrister 42 Bedford Row - 18th January 2018
Specialists in motorcycle accident claims, but so much more: the go-to firm for all manner of road traffic and other personal injury claims.

Combines vast experience and know-how with a bold and imaginative style of dispute resolution. One of the premier personal injury lawyers.

Ben Clark – 16th January 2018
I was involved in a RTA and thrown off my motorbike in February 2013, injuries included a fractured skull, brain contusion and as a result I had multiple seizures.

My wife and I had just recently got married and it was a very traumatic time for the both of us, after I had gave myself a little time to try and recover a friend suggested I contact Ian Dexter and the team at Bike Lawyer. At first, it was a daunting task to trawl over the experience from which I was still recovering from, I would have been unsure of where to start but, Bike Lawyer took care of everything with minimal time or effort from myself. 

The best part was that Ian was friendly, approachable and always at the end of the phone if I had any questions, I could fully trust the team to represent me professionally and with my best interest in mind.

I would absolutely recommend Bike Lawyer and Ian Dexter to anyone who has been involved in a motorcycle accident, they make what could potentially be a very stressful and unpleasant time as easy as they possibly can for you.

John and Lee Banham - 8th January 2018
On behalf of myself and my son Lee I would like to thank you very much for all the hard work and effort you and your team have put into our case, which at the outset was a long way from straightforward. We applaud the professional and meticulous manner provided and appreciated your personal attention and that of your team, a great comfort at a difficult time. We are very happy with the outcome you fought and won on our behalf and would be delighted to recommend your services.

Anon - 2nd January 2018
I was knocked off my bike by a van driver who was crossing the road on foot in front of me. My insurers, Footman James were useless. I went to a well known law firm in Bristol who quickly lost interest in my case and told me that I was on a hiding to nothing. Andrew Campbell at Bikelaywer assured me that his team could win a compensation case against the third party's insurers and tenaciously argued the case for nearly four years until they won me an out of court settlement. Ian Dexter, as my main point of contact was especially approachable and helpful. My advice to anybody is that Bike Lawyer should be your first stop.

Elizabeth Silk - 15th December 2017
I would like to thank Bikelawyer, especially Ian Dexter, for handing my case which was a hit and run on my bike.  He handled my case in a professional and efficient way.   

I would not hesitate to recommend Bikelawyer to any of my friends needing representation or advice. 

Alex Kelly - 20th November 2017
I was more than happy with the service provided for me at Bikelawyer. Everything was handled professionally and I was kept up to date on a daily basis.

Ian Palfreyman – 8th November 2017
I would like to thank Andrew Campbell and his team, particularly Ian Dexter, for the way they have handled my claim.

The case continued for just over two years and I undertook medical test and examinations throughout that period.

The team carried out their duties behind the scenes in such a way that for me was a stress-free experience, and I was contacted only when necessary.  At no point was I put under any pressure as the terms and conditions were fully explained and agreed.

I am happy with the outcome and would have no hesitation in recommending Bikelawyer to all my friends.

Once again thank you to Bikelawyer for a professional conclusion.

C Williams – 16th October 2017
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ian Dexter from Bikelawyer for the efficient and professional manner in which my claim was handled, resulting in a final settlement which exceeded my expectations. Once again I can't thank Ian enough and would highly recommend Bikelawyer to anybody needing help after an accident.

Geoff Hughes – 3rd October 2017
Richard Dykes was my solicitor, who acted for me after my motorbike accident. He was brilliant to work with. He stayed on top of things and always kept me informed on how the situation was progressing, and what the next process was, and where it should go next. If I am unfortunate to ever have another non-fault accident, this is the only firm of solicitors I would have represent me.

Beelady (MCN forum) – 18th September 2017
I'd like to say a very big thank you to the whole team, but especially Ian, at Bikelawyer.

I first looked to my insurance company for help. I was pretty certain that I wasn't at fault but I couldn't get any help or information from the insurers and was already in a sorry state with injuries and other problems mounting up, seemingly by the hour.

I had heard from others on this forum [MCN] that Bikelawyer would be a good place to get some help and advice so I gave them a call and right away got straight answers to all my questions. I decided to hand the whole, sorry mess over to them and immediately felt a lot more in control. It was a great relief to know that things were going to be done properly from then on.

Throughout the whole time it's taken to get everything completed I was kept informed of progress. Every email and phone call was dealt with immediately. I couldn't have asked for better service and it made the whole thing so much easier to get through.

I have received very fair compensation and I'm pretty sure that it's more than I would have had from my insurers, who really didn't seem to be on my side at any point.

So I can say with my hand on my heart that if you find yourself in trouble after a bike accident I can recommend Bikelawyer, just as others on here do.

Thank you so much guys. I hope I never need to ask for your help again but it's good to know you're there when needed.

Andrew Lees – 2nd August 2017
Richard, thank you so much for your help I really appreciate your business helping me out. I'll definitely recommend you to my friends. I'm 100 percent happy with your service, very professional and a nice person and very helpful, I would recommend Bikelawyer to anyone.

Richard Kelly – 26th July 2017
In 2014 I was hit by a car cutting straight across the road which sent me and the bike flying up the road. It was the 1st accident I had been involved in in 32 years of driving and riding.

I had no clue as to the legal process and was in initially fed by my broker Carole Nash to a large legal practice...who ended up wasting over a year and a half by their total disorganisation and by using inexperienced kids and no solicitor ever getting involved. The driver was prosecuted by police within 3 months of the accident and it was me who had to find this out months after when the "solicitor" was still telling me it was being disputed. It was shocking and I would advise any biker to find a proper solicitor not the ones they get auto referred to.

Ian Dexter and BikeLawyer rescued the situation once I had moved the case to them, this was very easy to do. Ian is an experienced solicitor who told me clearly what to expect and the timescales involved, he kept me up to date all along the way and I totally trusted him and this trust was repaid when, after 3 years and 3 months the claim was resolved - for a far greater value than I was told by the 1st useless "solicitor" it was valued at.

I can totally recommend Ian and BikeLawyer, I just wish I had found them from the start as it would have all taken so much less time and effort and stress for me and my family.

Mr Neil Blackson - 27 April 2017
I would like to say a huge thank you to bikelawyer and in particular Nikita Thomas for the professional, understanding and attentive way my claim was handled. I would have no hesitation recommending bikelawyer to anyone needing legal advice or representation.

Kevin Brown - April 2017
I am very pleased with the service I received from Ian Dexter at Bikelawyer following a collision on my motorcycle. I switched from the injury lawyers appointed by my insurance company to Bikelawyer and I am glad that I did. Everything was handled smoothly and efficiently.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bikelawyer to anybody that finds themselves in a similar position to myself. Many thanks for taking on my case.

Mr Jose Goncalves - 21 April 2017
Back in 2014 I was involved in a motorcycle accident, a car pulled out in front of me when travelling at 60mph and I suffered multiple fractures. I was taken into hospital and after I got back home, my insurance provider Carole Nash, had dealt with matters fairly quickly, didn't have to wait to long for the motorbike pay out as the bike had been written off. I did have legal protection and initially I opted to go with them however after a few times on the phone with them, I found them to be a right pain in the back, every time I rang, someone else answered, had to provide all my details again, explain the situation, etc. I had a friend that a few years ago had used Andrew Campbell and after I mentioned my situation he recommended that I give Bikelawyer a ring.

I rang and explained the situation to Ian Dexter, he was brilliant on the phone, took me through all of it and straight away, I gave them the go ahead. Every time there was an update, Ian would contact me either via phone or email; anytime I had a question, would simply pick up the phone, ring Ian directly and that was it; if he was away from the office he would get back to me as soon as he was back so I couldn't ask for any more.

It took a while to get things sorted but it wasn't down to Bikelawyer, it was down to the recovery process and the third party insurance company. I hope that I and no one I know require such services again but if anyone does, I shall not hesitate in recommending you.

Thanks a lot Ian and the Bike Lawyer team.

Mr Reuben Fowles - 23 March 2017
I was thrown off my motorcycle on the M20 after my front wheel hit a 10 metre long pothole. My insurance company solicitors eventually decided that I didn’t have a claim against the Highways Agency and dropped my case so I contacted Bikelawyer.

They were very efficient and arranged to have an independent report written up by a specialist on road surfaces and a medical report done. The Highways Agency tried to evade their responsibilities but Ian Dexter was determined and eventually the case was successfully settled. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bikelawyer to anyone needing legal advice and representation.

Mr P Maxwell - 20 March 2017
Last year I was involved in a motorcycle accident, and suffered an injury. After being whisked of to hospital I contacted my insurance company who paid out for the bike and also put me in touch with one of their personal injury lawyers. Still a bit dazed I signed up with the lawyers over the phone. However later after looking at some of their feedback online and not being very impressed with the paralegal I talked to, I decided to give them a miss and read about Bikelawyer in MCN so decided to go with these guys.

It was an excellent choice, Richard at Bikelawyer was always very good at explaining the process and very easy to deal with over the phone and email. He called the first personal injury lawyers I had signed up with, and transferred the case over with no problems. Bikelawyer were able to quickly process the case and once the other party accepted liability, they managed to secure a very good settlement more than I had expected.

I would definitely recommend Bikelawyer to others who are involved in an accident!

Neil Reed - 14 March 2017
After 25 years of riding motorbikes I was finally involved in a road traffic accident which resulted in my bike being wrote off and a broken hand.

Being an avid MCN reader and having often read the law column with interest, there was only one solicitor that I wanted to handle my case.

I initially spoke with Neil whose pragmatic approach to the case and his knowledge was the final persuader for me to have Bikelawyer handle my case.

My case was dealt with by Ian Dexter who performed his duties and tasks in a timely, efficient and very professional manner.

I have no concerns about referring anyone to Bikelawyer (specialist lawyers) and believe their input gave the gravitas required for a swift and 100% non-fault agreement to my claim.

My no claims have been protected and my insurance premiums will remain low.

It’s a win win……

Paul Dowdall - 20 February 2017
I would like to thank Ian Dexter from Bikelawyer who handled my case effectively and efficiently, the service I received was excellent and faultless. I was kept well informed all the way throughout and was very happy with the compensation I received. I would recommend Bikelawyer to other bikers without any hesitation.

Gavin - 14 February 2017
Thanks for getting me the compensation, it was more than I was hoping for. Also thanks for getting a very fast pay out for my Buell motorcycle which was written off in the accident. And an interim payment all within a month of the accident.

I knew I had made the right choice by picking a motorcycle only specialist lawyers, Bike lawyer and the very helpful staff, who treated me very courteously and understandingly.

And I have no hesitation in recommending them, to anyone involved in a motorcycle accident.

Mr Fabio Alves - January 2017
Early last year involved in a motorcycle accident in which I suffered personal injury and my bike was written off.

After looking into bike specific lawyers with a good reputation, I decided to get in touch with Bikelawyer. From the very start of my claim they were understanding, efficient and always available to answer any questions I had. They were great at making any costs for me clear, and as they’re a ‘No Win, No Fee’ firm I felt even more confident in their ability to get me results.

Due to their efficiency and effective work, I wasn’t expected to do too much in the way of my claim; they handled everything for me and were extremely helpful in doing so. When it came to receiving an offer from the other party, Bikelawyer offered their advice on whether I should take the offer but were understanding and encouraging when I decided to go against their advice. Having a contact in the firm who can guide you through the process and make you feel confident that your case is being handled professionally means I could focus on my physiotherapy and rehabilitation without having to worry about any monetary issues incurred as a result of the accident.

Once I had accepted my offer they were very quick at sending me a cheque and closing down the case.

All in all I was very happy with the service Bikelawyer provided and the advice they gave me throughout my claim. I am now a repeat customer for Bikelawyer and I have every faith they will deal with my new case as effectively the second time!

Mr John Peden - 9 November 2016
From start to finish Bike Lawyer provided a great service that I'd recommend to anyone else who has a spill. My insurance company wasn't interested at all as I only had third party cover and hadn't paid for any legal cover. Bike Lawyer helped me avoid a potentially sticky situation with both a hire vehicle and the recovery of my own bike, as well as guiding me through the entire process of what I could and couldn't claim for. While the settlement took longer than expected, I believe this was entirely due to the third party dragging their heels and it was great to know that Bike Lawyer were in my corner.

BRM - 10 August 2016
Requiring knowledgeable and specialist representation after a fall on diesel I transferred my case to Bikelawyer from another well-known company. Unlike others they work only on bike cases and are highly specialised, approachable and couldn't have been more helpful.

Ian Dexter handled my case effectively and efficiently and achieved a result that I am delighted with. I would recommend Bikelawyer to other bikers without any hesitation. Thanks again!

Jeanette Walters - 4 August 2016
I would like to thank Ian from Bikelawyer for the excellent service I received after the bike accident. He made all the arrangements for physio and for consultations. I was kept informed of all proceedings, explaining everything clearly. I was more than happy to follow any advice from him.

I was very pleased with the end result and will be recommending him to others.

Mr James Gray - 28 July 2016
The care and attention to detail provided by the team at Bikelawyer have been simply second to none. I would not hesitate in recommending them to handle any bike injury or damage related claim, clear communication, accurate advice and guidance, and very professional.

Mr Chris Merridew - 20 July 2016
I can highly recommend Bikelawyer and in particular, Mr Ian Dexter.

He provided professional advice in a friendly and easy to understand manner and an outstanding result.

Smidget - 23 May 2016
Andrew and his highly skilled team dealt with a claim for me and a jolly good job they did of it too. I cannot sing the praises of this company enough as they are nothing short of bloody fantastic.

Mr Steven Lythgoe - 10 May 2016
Thank you Ian for handling my claim in a professional manner, you made the whole process as easy as possible, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bikelawyer to anyone who needed help.

Mr Chris Royall - 20 April 2016
I would like to thank yourself and the Bikelawyer team for all your effort involved in this claim and assisting me along the way, it is very much appreciated. I will not hesitate to recommend your services in the future.

Mr Martyn Buttery - 4 April 2016
After having my accident, and being told that no-one else was involved and that it must come out of my own pocket for repairs and the time off work due to my injury, I was more than a little upset and down.

A friend of mine had gone through a similar situation not long before my accident and recommended me to Ian Dexter and his team at Bikelawyer. I called Ian and answered some simple questions and he told me that I did have a case and that he was more than happy to take it on, communication has always been brilliant along with straightforward honest answers.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian and his team to others just as my friend had done with me.

Mr Jon Willmott - 5 February 2016
On the 3rd of October 2014 I was unfortunate enough to be involved in a hit and run accident concerning my motorcycle and an Arctic lorry. I sustained numerous broken bones and injuries and was feeling very sorry for myself while in hospital and at home. While at home I had plenty of time to have a read and while reading MCN I read Bikelawyer’s column where Andrew Campbell advised somebody should go through the M.I.B. (Motor Insurers' Bureau). I rang the Bikelawyer and explained about my accident and they said that they thought they could help and was assigned Ian Dexter to my case.

Ian started by saying leave everything to him and he meant everything even down to physio and occupational therapy and giving me advice when Northamptonshire constabulary done their report putting partial blame on me. My case has now been satisfactorily settled and I cannot thank Ian enough for helping me through what should have been one of the most stressful times but thanks to Bikelawyer was stress free.

Mr Alex Hagen - 1 February 2016
“I would like to thank and commend Bikelawyer for their excellent service. I had no idea that I may be due some compensation until I spoke to them. They are very professional and knowledgeable and I could not ask for a better service. In particular Mr Ian Dexter, who was in charge of my case, was extremely easy to deal with and professional till the last. If the unfortunate ever happened again Bikelawyer would be my first call.”

Mrs Katherine Moore - 7 January 2016
Dealing with my sons accident which was entirely a non-fault claim I initially dealt with the third party insurance company directly. This started well with a fast pay out for the motorcycle and it then escalated into a defensive enquiry about the worth of damaged clothing and the professional services they used.

Defending this claim with the professional services I would need would have incurred costs to myself, I therefore decided to contact Bikelawer ‘. Ian Dexter took the burden of all the legal matters and correspondence from me and increased the settlement fee which feel was duly justified for my sons injuries.

I am glad I contacted Bikelawyer as an innocent party should not be made to feel intimidated.

Mr Barry Kendall - 30 November 2015
After a nasty accident, resulting in a broken collarbone and damage to my bike due to a diesel spill, I didn't think I could claim any damages off anyone. Saw Bikelawyer on the internet and got in touch.

The service I received was faultless, and especially off Ian. I was kept informed all the way through the claim and the damages I received was beyond my expectations.

I will have no hesitation in recommending Bikelawyer to anyone.

Mr Leo Cox-Casey - 4 November 2015
I got in touch with Bikelawyer after a nasty accident on a diesel spill, which left me in significant pain. However, Bikelawyer were able to make the process of making my claim totally pain-free, supporting me the whole way through and getting me the best services out there.

Mr Peter Moore - 2 November 2015
Bikelawyer successfully represented me in a black ice claim, after others had advised me that a claim would not be possible.

From my first conversation with Bikelawyer, I felt assured that they would be able to settle my claim, and throughout my claim I was handled in a manner that took away any worries that I held.

I can happily describe the service that I received as faultless and will not hesitate to recommend their services to others.

Mr Michael Smith - 5 September 2015
I would like to thank you for the way in which you handled my claim. Always returning my calls promptly and allaying any fears I might have had. I expected proceedings to drag on for many months so to have settlement this soon was better than I ever hoped for.

I will of course have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone unfortunate enough to need them. Thank you so much for all your help and advice.

Mr Ian D-H - 17 August 2015
I want to say a huge thank you to Bikelawyer, in particular to Neil Reese and Jon Edwards.

My insurance company initially referred me to their partner ‘Injury Claim’ firm. It soon became clear that they were not interested or able to manage a complex, serious case such as mine and attempted to have me agree to accept a quick settlement, one that would not have covered the costs of prescription medication that I have paid out over the past four years. Fortunately I realised this in time and approached Bikelawyer who took me under their wing.

From the outset it was so comforting to know that my case was being handled by a team of experienced professionals. Providing me with expert advice and guidance throughout. Jon explained to me what the route to completion might entail, from meeting me in my own home, being assessed by an occupational therapist, various expert consultant examinations and their reports, potential treatment, to completion, either by an out of court settlement or possibly attending a court hearing.

On social media I often hear of other scooter riders who become involved in accidents caused by careless drivers. I do not hesitate to recommend Bikelawyer to them as I trust them impeccably.

Lisa Dewar - 14 August 2015
I would just like to say how grateful I am to Bikelawyer, especially Neil. They got me through a difficult time following my bike accident. They handled my case without fuss and stress and spoke to me like a person and not just a case number.

I really don't know how I would have done it without them. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Mr CC - 31 July 2015
Andrew and his colleague Neil at Bikelawyer are very easy to talk to and are dedicated to helping their clients get the very best settlement they can. The outcome has been very satisfactory. I am very happy to recommend Bikelawyer to anyone needing help obtaining compensation after a motorbike accident. I know of several cases where they have helped and I already tell my friends about their service.

Lisa Peregrine - 22 July 2015
What can I say? Smooth, quick, professional.

And if I ever needed to make an accident claim again - I would not hesitate. The damages claim was double what I had expected.  Fantastic service and well done Ian!

Mr Tim Paice - 6 June 2015
Highly recommended.

After having an accident due to a diesel spill I had been told by the Police that I would not be able to claim any compensation as there would be no one to claim from. I came across Bikelawyer online by chance and decided to enquire on the possibility of recovering my losses as I had nothing to lose. Since then the team have worked to secure a compensation pay out that has exceeded my initial expectations. The process of submitting the claim was made simple and hassle-free, helped by continued good communication and advice offered along the way by Neil and Ian who were always very courteous.

My accident could have been a lot worse so I’m very pleased to see the work carried out by Bikelawyer to help reduce the number of diesel spills on the roads. I had hoped a compensation claim may in some small way raise awareness of the problem of diesel spills so I was more than happy to learn that Bikelawyer have made efforts to campaign against them.

Mr Andrew Mitchell - 14 May 2015
Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this matter and for the very satisfactory result.
I really appreciate all your time and effort and look forward to receiving my cheque!

Mr Joe Wardle - 6 May 2015
Before choosing Bikelawyer, I had spoken to several different accident solicitors, some as advertised on TV. I was not happy with their pushy and at times bullying attitude. Other firms I researched online and saw several bad reviews. I then found Bikelawyer through MCN. I researched Bikelawyer and saw nothing but positive reviews.

From day one after my accident Bikelawyer has handled my case with a professional and efficient attitude; everything was explained to in simple terms. I was always told of best and worst case scenario and never given false hopes. Bikelawyers & Pro-Claim provided me with first class medical support, physio and anything else that was needed to help my recovery.

Even when times were hard after been unpaid from work for several months and then losing my job Bikelawyer was there to reassure me and stop me giving up, giving me good advice in a personal, understanding and professional manner.

Overall I couldn't recommend Bikelawyer highly enough, they have been of great support over the past three years.

I would like to personally thank Neil for all his hard work and help on my case.

Mr Francis Morris - 24 April 2015
What an excellent result considering my son’s insurance company didn’t want to know. Jon was the extreme professional and Chris found his approach very reassuring. I think your company is achieving excellent results due to your dedication and attention to detail.

Having been a lifelong motorcyclist and Paramedic for 21 years its good to see someone fighting for motorcyclists. The police and some of the NHS have a long way to go to match the professionalism of your company. Keep up the good work.

Mr & Mrs Stevens - 17 April 2015
Thank you for aiding Mike and I so much as we went through this difficult time with Hazel's accident. You were such a calming, reassuring person to deal with when the situation feels so out of control.

Mrs Viv Smith - 8 April 2015
May I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for a very professional, but friendly, service at all times. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and you can be assured I will recommend you and your company unreservedly.

Mr Paul Gostanian - 25 March 2015
Extremely professional, patient and proactive lawyers who guided me through the entire process to settle a claim with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau for my accident which was caused due to oil on the road.

Furthermore, I would like to give my special thanks to Mr. Ian Dexter who overlooked my case and provided me with excellent advice.

Should I ever require your services again I would not hesitate to appoint Bikelawyer and recommend your services to all bikers.

Mr Lee Baker - 3 March 2015
On Friday 13th June 2014 my life changed dramatically due to the actions of another driver. I was in a coma for several days, lost my right leg and sustained many other injuries requiring months in hospital and potentially ongoing long term hospital treatment for many years to come.

Bikelawyer was contacted by a relation whilst I was in a coma and Andrew Campbell was able to offer excellent advice and support when the family needed it most. Over the next few months Andrew and his team were able to build a compelling case culminating in a significant out of court settlement that will help to support my rehabilitation both now and in the future.

I would recommend Bikelawyer to any motorcyclist that is unfortunate enough to find themselves suffering due to the actions of another driver.

Mark Henshall - 26 January 2015
Can I thank you & all the team who were involved with my claim. I’m sure I’ve not been the most prompt client in giving you information to work on my behalf as this has not been on the top of my agenda. In the past I have just put down falling off a bike as an occupational hazard!

However you have made this accident a whole new experience in getting some recompense for an event which was of no fault of mine. I will have no hesitation in recommending Bikelawyer to anyone who might find themselves in the same situation, once again thank you to all involved!

Mrs C - 12 January 2015
Many thanks for all your hard work and the successful outcome to my case

Mr & Mrs Anonymous - 12 January 2015
My partner and I were struggling following a serious motor bike incident 7 years ago. A friend suggested that we contact Bikelawyer as a mutual friend had had an accident several years after us and they had really helped him with the ensuing financial impact.

We saw Andrew’s Column in the MCN and immediately felt confidence that this was someone who was really dedicated to helping people like us.

We made initial contact via email and everything was so simple. We have not had to have lengthy or expensive appointments to discuss paperwork. Any problems or worries and they are only a phone call away, Andrew and his colleague Neil are easy to talk to and dedicated to helping their clients get the very best settlement that they can.

They are honest with you regarding your case and do not make wild promises regarding outcomes.

We have not incurred any costs in obtaining compensation as they are able to operate on a “no win no fee” basis and they have been so efficient in constructing our case and the outcome has been very satisfactory.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Andrew and Neil from Bikelawyer to anyone needing help obtaining compensation after a motorbike accident.

Shona Chorlton - 24 October 2014
I want to say a massive thank you for all your help with the claim! You made it a smooth process.

Dr Julian Rush - 20 October 2014
Thank you to Bikelawyer for the extremely professional and knowledgeable handling of my case. Your customer care level is excellent. 

As a complete novice to dealing with solicitors and law I was apprehensive about enlisting a solicitor. I am now so thankful that I did and that I chose Bikelawyer. From the very beginning the process was clearly explained to me to allay my fears. Throughout the 2 years that my case ran my queries were promptly dealt with and in terms that were easily understandable. I had full confidence in your services throughout.

Should I ever require your services again I would not hesitate to appoint Bikelawyer and recommend your services to all bikers.

Mr Gavin Young - 6 October 2014
I'd just like to thank you very much for all the hard work you put in to my case which secured compensation. It’s very much appreciated and should I need such assistance again you guys will be the first on my list!

I crashed on a diesel spill and shattered my wrist which required surgery and the insertion of metalwork resulting in months off work and a loss of income. Bikelawyer solicitors worked hard to secure compensation for my injury and loss of earnings from the MIB, who at first rejected the claim but later paid out due to hard work of Neil who conducted his own investigations and built a strong case to present on my behalf.

Had I not used the Bikelawyer team I very much doubt I would have received anything at all. They are friendly, knowledgeable and professional and kept me updated at all stages of the process. 

I would without hesitation recommend Bikelawyer solicitors to anyone unfortunate enough to require legal assistance following a motorbike crash, and would like to express my thanks to Neil and Ian for the great service they provided.

Mr Jonathan Bradley - 29 September 2014
I would without question recommend the services of these guys, I would like to thank Hywel and more recently Ian for their excellent service, and remarkable professionalism

Mr M B - 29 August 2014
Many thanks for your help and advice. It has been a real pleasure dealing with you.

DRD - 5 July 2014
I am a motorcycle instructor. In 2010 I was instructing a lady in CBT. During the session she stalled the machine and fell off fracturing her ankle. Almost 3 years later this lady (through a solicitor) sued me for negligence. Bikelawyer Solicitors took on my case on a “no-win, no-fee” basis.

During the ensuing 11 months Neil Rees, Solicitor, took charge and guided and advised me through to trial.The judge found in my favour.

Throughout this stressful time Neil kept me informed and advised. I was impressed by the professionalism of Bikelawyer Solicitors and have no hesitation in recommending them.

Mr Ken Tracey - 30 April 2014
I received the cheque this morning to my delight. Thank you for all the hard work; I am very pleased with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Bikelawyer.

Mr J S - 10 April 2014
Can I take this opportunity to thank you again for all your work carried out on my behalf during the last 10 months or so; you have been professional, courteous and kept me well informed at all times, without any hesitation I would be quite happy to recommend your services to others in need of help.

Mrs Heather Parker - 10 March 2014
This is the second time that Bikelawyer has come to our rescue, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bikelawyer to anyone. The service they offer is second to none, all the team are courteous, professional and diligent. Quick responses to queries and prompt conclusions to settlements ensure peace of mind. If only all companies could operate the same way! Excellent good old fashioned customer service.Thank you Bikelawyer.

Mr Steve Beasant - 28 January 2014
Thank you for the excellent service you personally and Bikelawyer provided during the handling of my claim. Since moving it to yourselves from the insurance company’s appointed legal services it is easy to see why Bikelawyer come recommend by adverts and word of mouth.

As you can imagine the stress, pain and emotional upset caused from an accident can be greatly increased when you find yourself dealing with a legal team who really don’t appear to be on the ball or doing much by way of progress with your case. The company that was provided to me by my insurance company (in my opinion) lacked Client service on every level. You came recommend by a lovely old boy who used to serve my tea twice a week at the hospital whilst I was on 6 months physio for my injuries. From the first call I had with you it became very apparent that you understood the exactly what should be done and when along with the importance of keeping me informed of the current progress and next steps.

The downside of the whole thing was that I stuck with the original solicitors for almost 6 months with no progress before coming to Bikelawyer who within the space of weeks had got an offer on the table. From that point on the communication either by email, phone conversations or organised face to face meetings were all managed efficiently and timely and explained and detailed in a language that I could understand. This meant I need no longer worry about the legal side of the Motorcycle accident and could concentrate on my recovery.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Once again thank you for the excellent service and commitment with my case.

Mr Jon Simpson - 2 January 2014
Thank you for all your assistance throughout this matter. Whilst I would have preferred never to have need the services of a lawyer, i.e. not been taken off a bike by another motorist, I am nonetheless very grateful to all at Bikelawyer for their support and advice throughout this process, which made it as easy as one could hope for. I am very pleased with the outcome and would certainly, should I have the misfortune to require legal advice again, use Bikelawyer to represent me. I have no hesitation recommending Bikelawyer to other bikers who require such legal assistance.

Mr Andy Hay - 29 December 2013
I'd like to express my gratitude for all your help with this case. I cannot thank you enough for your advice and professionalism.

Mr David Hardwell - 2 December 2013
Bikelawyer took my case on when others wouldn’t and they got me some compensation. They are helpful and kept me informed of developments. They advised me to put my compensation into a Personal Injury Trust which I didn’t know about before – it prevents my benefits being cut due to receiving compensation.

I hope I don’t need them again but if I do I will be calling them first.

Mr Greg Kucharski - 28 November 2013
I would like to thank you for all your support and help with dealing with my case in such a professional manner. I hope it will never happen but if I had any accident in the future you will be my first call. Thanks again Bikelawyers!!

Mr Alex Wright - 26 November 2013
I found Bikelawyer very helpful and professional. I originally used a solicitor appointed by my insurer and they did not have the expertise in motorcycle law and nearly ruined my claim.

When I moved to Bikelawyer the difference in knowledge, expertise and progression was like night and day. Whenever I spoke to Hywel Evans he knew exactly what we needed and knew the law inside out.

If I am unfortunate enough to have an accident again I would not hesitate to call them, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Mr Donald Smith - 21 October 2013
Would like to say thank you to Andrew and his team especially Hywel for their professionalism. I found it so easy to talk to Hywel and would have no hesitation in using Bikelawyer in the future.

Mrs X - 14 August 2013
My husband died as a result of injuries from his motor bike accident in 2008. We had a young son and I soon realised that not only our home life but our whole financial future had changed. I knew from conversations with my husband before he died that his accident had been due to an unidentified driver changing lanes and not seeing my husband's motorbike but because the police investigation had not been able to identify the driver I did not realise that we could still be compensated.

I contacted Andrew Campbell of Bikelawyer Motorcycle Accident Solicitors to discuss the accident and he explained the Untraced Driver compensation scheme by the MIB. Andrew championed our case. Andrew and his team were highly diligent, completely professional; always responding instantly to any questions or requests I might have. It was a relatively long process but Andrew secured substantial compensation for my son and I that means although our lives are very different now, financially we will be as secure as we would have been should my husband have lived.

Andrew and his team's advice, knowledge and assistance has literally secured a future I thought we had lost. I couldn't recommend Bikelawyer highly enough.

Mr M P - 18 July 2013
I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for your excellent service.

Your service came highly recommended and I will in the future pass on your company details to my friends & colleagues should ever an incident occur.

Mr Neil Chapman - 10 July 2013
Andrew and Hywel were extremely helpful and only gave honest excellent advice, and were only ever a phone call or email away. They achieved for me many many times more compensation than the lawyers appointed to act for me by my insurer.

I would recommend Bikelawyer to anyone who needs help after a road incident. The money received helped me pay many bills that had piled up as a result of my injury, but more importantly made it possible for me to have private medical treatment as the NHS had let me down so badly.

I am now on the road to recovery and fully expect to be back on my beloved Triumph Daytona sometime next year. This is in no small part due to the help and support of the Bikelawyer.

I really cannot recommend or praise them enough.You have no idea how incompetent lawyers appointed by insurers can be until you finally get someone like Bikelawyer who shows how it should be done.

Dr Calvin Davidson - 18 June 2013
I'd like to thank all concerned with my case, especially Neil Rees, for their superb handling of my case. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bikelawyer to any motorcyclist who becomes embroiled in a road traffic incident and requires representation to claim their losses, expenses and damages. Their expertise in the field is apparent at every stage of the process, from first contact through to settlement. Their ability to explain the technicalities involved in plain language, and their promptness in responding to inquiries have been very much appreciated.

Dr N Pugh - 7 May 2013
I recommend Bikelawyer without reservation.

Bikelawyer were proactive and helpful from my first call after I was knocked off my bike, until I received a compensation pay-out. Thanks to them, this pay-out is approximately twice what I was expecting to receive. Jon Edwards was dealing with my claim directly. He has always been clear and patient and has provided full explanations, particularly when I have been a bit slow in understanding the legal details. My MOT had lapsed prior to my accident, so I received a court summons and was look at a hefty fine. Even though this did not relate to my compensation claim, Jon advised me to contact the police and court who decided to drop the case. Bikelawyer therefore saved me a court visit and a fine.

J Rogers - 9 May 2013
I have been very impressed with the professionalism and quick response of the service you have provided in obtaining my settlement, and would highly recommend you to any potential clients. At every stage, you have kept me informed, given good advice, been realistic about timings and results, and then exceeded my expectations handsomely.

I wish you and the firm the very best of success in the future (whilst hoping not to need your services again!)

Mr J Wild - 30 April 2013
I've been very, very impressed with all your advice and the proactive approach you've taken with the claim. As you may recall this is not the first time I've had a bike crash or had to claim compensation

Working with Bikelawyer was markedly different from previous experiences. I felt I was in completely safe hands from day one.

Mr M Kendrick - 10 April 2013
I will have no reservations about recommending you or your firm to anybody in the future as I can assure them of a first class service at all times. You made the whole process, simple and pain free and took a lot of the worry out of it for me. Many thanks.

Mr K Styling - 14 March 2013
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all at Bikelawyer for the help and advice I have received since my accident. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.

Mr M Glover - 2 March 2013
Thank you so much for all your efforts in handling my case, a thoroughly excellent professional friendly service. It was a great relief to have someone there who was on my side, looking after my interests, give help and advice, deal with queries promptly, explain the legal process in plain English and patiently tolerate questions from a layman's point of view without ever making me feel intimidated or stupid by what at times can seem a daunting and baffling process. 

Mrs A Lewer - February 2013
I would not hesitate to recommend Bikelawyer to any motorcyclist.

Thank you very much indeed for all your hard work on my behalf.  You have made sure that information is explained as clearly as possible and you have always responded promptly to queries. Your professional approach had helped to reduce stress levels in what has been a lengthy, and at times,  painful process.

I hope more people are able to get good legal representation,  rather than tearing their hair out with some of the Panel firms.

Mr John Bowden - 29 January 2013
Brilliant!!! what more can I say?

My son had a very serious accident on his bike two and a half years ago. The solicitors that his insurance company recommended  were useless. After a year of them taking the case I got a letter saying “sorry but Tom won’t get any compensation”. I felt sure my son was entitled to some sort of compensation and one of my friends suggested Bikelawyer.

I had tried a few other solicitors but nobody wanted to take the case on. After speaking to Andrew Campbell at Bikelawyer he agreed to look at the case. After a few months I realised what a brilliant company Bikelawyer is keeping me updated and being able to contact the team with one call.

They managed to obtain a very good settlement that will help my son no end during his recovery. Thanks to all of the team at Bikelawyer – you’re a cut above the rest!

Mr Stuart Slater - 29 January 2013
I had an accident on January 11th 2011 when a car coming towards me turned across in front of me and hit me resulting in some cracked ribs and a painful ankle.

After treatment for a sprained ankle it soon became clear that there was actually more damage to my ankle than initially thought, a broken navicular bone and a ruptured tendon were discovered. A congenital problem became apparent (fibrous joint) which would never have been a problem if the accident did not occur. As a result I required surgery of a double fusion of the navicular and calcaneus bones which has left me with restricted movement of the ankle joint and the need to wear an ankle brace for life. 

I changed solicitor in the New Year of 2012 after receiving no help from the insurance company’s panel solicitors. Due to the hard work of Neil at Bikelawyer I managed to get my first interim payment within weeks of Bikelawyer taking on my case. Then further interim payments throughout the year including for extra physiotherapy treatment.

A big thanks to Neil who was always at hand to give guidance and was there to explain everything to me in a way that I could understand through every stage of my claim.

I have already recommended Bikelawyer to friends and their cases have been taken on and I will continue to recommend Bikelawyer.

Mr Brett Carrington - 4 December 2012
I was hit off my bike by a reckless driver while coming home from work. I contacted Bikelawyer regarding compensation for my injuries and financial loss and it was the best move I made.

I'd especially like to thank Neil for his detailed care, advice and attention to detail as I've struggled on my road to recovery. His expert and friendly guidance has turned around my misfortune and even pointed me in the right direction for my medical care. He was always the light at the end of the tunnel for me. I still have some way to go with my recovery but without Neil and Bikelawyer it would of been so much harder.

Thank you for your great service. 

Mr Declan Egan - 30 November 2012
Thanks to Jon at Bikelawyer for all his work and negotiation skills. From day one he was attentive, assertive and decisive & was readily contactable via phone and email.

He was able to secure funding for private osteopathy as well as expensive orthopaedic surgery in a private hospital.

Thank you for taking over my case from my insurers preferred solicitors and getting this outcome.

Mr Nick Stacey - 29 November 2012
I cannot state highly enough the regard I have for the professionalism and quality of service I experienced whilst dealing with the team at Bikelawyer.

They always kept me up to date with the ever – changing details of my case and were more than happy to deal with any questions or concerns I had.

The trainee solicitor with whom I dealt was absolutely incredible. Her knowledge of my case and ability to explain in simplistic terms any changes or difficulties encountered was amazing and I have a lot to thank her for.

Although I hope none of my biking friends are involved in a similar incident involving a careless car driver, I would have no problem in recommending Bikelawyer, you would find it difficult to find a better firm of solicitors.

Mr James Moore - 3 November 2012
I am very grateful for the help and support given by Andrew Campbell and his team at Bikelawyer. 

I now have the confidence and drive to move forward with my life and aim to achieve my future goals ahead. Once again thank you all very much.

Miss M S - 31 October 2012
Many thanks again for all the help you and your team have provided over the last 12 months and I will be highly recommending you if I ever meet anyone in need of your services.

Mr D J - 4 October 2012
I would like once again to thank Hywel, Neil and Andrew for all your help. I will send a letter to MCN thanking your company and informing the readers how great you have all been!

Mr D W - 29 August 2012
The legal team appointed by my insurer were totally useless so I changed to Bikelawyer.

What a difference.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an RTA then don't hesitate to contact Bikelawyer -they give great service and are a very friendly team.

Special thanks to Hywel for his time, dedication and guiding me through the procedures.

Mr CM - 24 August 2012
I’d like to say a massive thank you to Andrew and the team at Bikelawyer for sorting out my claim and delivering a service and result that was second to none.

 I would never consider looking anywhere else for advice, these guys rock!

One legged London biker.

Mr Martin Wade - 9 August 2012
Thank you to the team at Bikelawyer. Your professionalism and knowledge 
has helped me to deal with the various parts of my claim quickly and 
relatively painlessly. If I have the need, I'll definitely be back.

Mr Jack Gammon - 31 May 2012
I would also like to say that I am very satisfied with this conclusion and would like to give my thanks to yourself and everyone at your firm who has worked on my behalf to secure it. 

I am particularly happy with your superb and timely communication along with your general excellent conduct in all areas, I have already begun to recommend your firm and would certainly look forward to your assistance in the future.

Many thanks for a job well done once again.

Mr A M - 3 May 2012
After dealing with the 3rd party's lawyers which I describe as 'crawling through thick mud on a cold winters day, blind folded', they just didnt care about me or the situatuin I was in, my Dad said that Andrew Campbell gives advice in MCN try Bikelawyer so I did.

Bikelawyer's attitude was a breath of fresh air, professional,conscientious with sound advice and good communication.

Neil and the team, I believe, got the best result from the situation. I would definately recommend them.

Thanks for all your help


Mr S G 10 April 2012
I am so glad Hein Gericke pointed me in your direction. I think you're brilliant!

Mr R M - 12 March 2012
I went with the insurance supplied lawyers and they were so slow and unhelpful it was unreal, changed to Bikelawyer and it is like comparing chalk and cheese.

Mr G S - 20 February 2012
Thank you for your prompt and professional advice in regard to my long running motorcycle related dispute.

Until your intervention on my behalf, the prospects of being able to envisage an acceptable settlement were not good, but following your involvement the matter was satisfactorily sorted out within a matter of weeks.

Thanks for all of your help and advice

Mr S - 9 February 2012
Thank you very much for all your hard work - very much appreciated. You have managed to obtain an interim payment within a few weeks whereas we would still be waiting if still with X Law - so glad we came across Bikelawyer!

Mr W P - 5 January 2012
"Thanks for all your help and support over the last 6 months.

It was a worrying time when I decided to change solicitors, but you completely justified my choice and decision to swap"

Steve Greck - 4 January 2012
Once again a huge "Thank You" to you, Andrew, and everyone involved for your superb, professional, courteous first class service.

I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to my fellow biking companions and anyone else for your smooth and punctual service throughout my case and excellent informative conduct with no complications.

Mr R - 20 December 2011
Thank you for all your work. I will be happy to recommend you and Bike Lawyer to anyone who might be needing assistance.

Mr G - 12 December 2011
That’s a superb result ! I can't thank you enough. You have done a brilliant job and your communication has been excellent.

Mr DB - 28 November 2011
Very Professional

Jason Lewis - 18 November 2011
Huge thanks to Andrew and his team at Bikelawyer Motorcycle Accident Solicitors for the hard work and effort they put in to settle my complicated claim, always friendly, helpful and professional. Can’t recommend them enough.

Mrs T - October 2011
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the way you have dealt with my claim

Jenros - October 2011
Andrew Campbell of Bike Lawyer...please take my advice and contact him! He is one of the best in the industry. October 2011

Letter to MCN
Just had to drop you a note to say how impressed I am with BikeLawyer who feature in MCN each week.

I dropped them an email just a couple of days ago regarding a problem with MCE Insurance and their misleading website and today I received a very comprehensive reply from them. What superb service and if, at any time, I am need of legal advice regarding anything relating to my bike, they would be my first point of call.

Kind regards
Terry Osborn

Mr John Cross
Once again thank you for all your hard work and expertise, this clearly showed with the final result.
We are positive that we wouldn't have had this out come with the original firm of solicitors.
Please pass on our thanks to all of your team and continue to do a splendid job of representing the motorcyclists of this country, I hope that I and no one I know require such services again, but if anyone does I shall not hesitate in recommending you.

Chris Wakefield
I really appreciate all of your hard work and ace communication throughout my diesel spill personal injury claim.

Joan Haswell
Thanks for everything you have done for me, I am truly grateful. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who has a problem.

Robin Prior
Thank you for the way you handled my case with such a high level of professionalism and all your reassurance you gave me and for winning my case which I was also surprised you concluded so rapidly. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to any of my friends and fellow bikers should they ever find themselves in unfortunate circumstances.

Anonymous (2) from The Good Lawyer Guide
Andrew had a column in the MCN which on reading I felt I wasn't getting the level of service and support I felt I should from the solicitors that my insurance company provided.
Andrew's service was excellent. Much of our communication was done using emails. If there was any legal jargon I didn't understand Andrew would always explain it over the phone and reassure my concerns in a calm and confident manor and I never felt pushed into making any decisions.

Anonymous from The Good Lawyer Guide
Andrew is professional, caring, efficient & extremely knowledgeable. He has recently handled my case to conclusion after changing to him from an unsatisfactory 'panel firm'. With Andrew you are a person & not a number, e-mails & phone calls are always returned & the advice given is top drawer. He has a no nonsense approach that forces uncooperative insurance companies to take notice & deal with the claim. If you have had an accident & need a lawyer, Andrew is your man!!! Highly recommended.

Mr F
I would just like to say a huge thank you for all your efforts regarding my case and its conclusion. You really have made a massive difference to the speed of progress of the claim, not only in securing an interim payment, but your exceptional service and professionalism. I also feel that the Defendant’s settlement offer was down to your no nonsense approach. My only regret is that I did not transfer the claim to you earlier. Anyone with an injury claim should make you their first port of call.

Mr Robert Lowe
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have really done yourself and your company proud.

Miss K Yeo
Dear MCN
I would like to thank Andrew Campbell on behalf of all of the readers. I transferred to Andrew having been dissatisfied with the panel firm of solicitors that was appointed for me by my insurance company. Andrew was honest with me from the outset, spoke to me in language that I would understand and knew me by name not as a number as had been the case with my previous firm. I had previously been advised to accept 50% liability for the accident that I was involved in. Andrew persisted, reassured me that I was right to not want to accept the other sides offer and the outcome was that the other side rightly accepted 100% of the blame. I turn to his column first each week and look forward to his return in October.

Mrs Alix Lewer
I am so pleased that I was able to transfer the case to a skilled, conscientious and knowledgeable lawyer with my best interests at heart. I did not feel that the panel solicitors allocated to me by Carole Nash met those criteria, by any stretch of the imagination.

Mr N
I really want to express my sincere thanks yet again. You did an awesome job!

Former President of the Law Society
Andrew Campbell has ‘can do’ written all over him. He has, quite literally, got on his bike (or rather his motorbike), and made his pastime and passion for motorbikes into a business for motorcyclists, carving out a very successful niche for himself in the process.
Andrew Holroyd, Former President of the Law Society

Mr H
Since taking on my case a couple of years ago you have made me feel that there is someone to fight a claim when every other solicitor gives up or backs down. You are the bull terrier, always ready to battle and always you do your best to make your client, i.e. me, feel that every thing is not a lost cause; you just have to find the right solicitor. From the beginning your work on my behalf has been faultless and you have kept me up to date on every aspect of my case. Before you took my case on I had given up all chance of a claim. I am delighted to have now won the case.

Mr G
Andrew has been acting for me since I suffered a severe foot injury in a motorcycle accident that was caused by a diesel spill. His understanding of my circumstances was instant and his explanation of the terms under which he would take on my case could not have been more clearly set out. Throughout he has been dazzlingly swift and efficient, due in no small part to his refreshing reliance on email and other electronic media. Whilst concise and businesslike, his communications have never been stuffy or highhanded in tone; I hope soon to be able to report that Andrew's expertise has steered my claim to a successful conclusion and have no hesitation in recommending Andrew's services to someone in a position similar to mine.

Letter to MCN
I just wanted to thank Andrew Campbell, your MCN Law Columnist. I had a bit of a problem involving an accident (not my fault!) with a pedestrian who tried to sue me. I ‘phoned Andrew, he was a really nice guy and told me exactly what I needed to do, and e-mailed me a full case law summary to give to my insurers and the police. He’s a top guy and a true friend of the biking community.

Mark-Anthony Conti, Solicitor
Andrew has recently acted for me in a number of legal matters including a 7 figure solicitors’ professional negligence claim. This was due to my former solicitors’ failure to advise an MIB application when I lost control of my motorcycle on a diesel spill which resulted in severe head injuries. I am a solicitor myself and I am therefore more demanding of my solicitor than most clients but Andrew's dedication to my cases (even my current low value RTA) is extraordinary. The work that he has undertaken over the past few years and that he continues to undertake for victims of diesel spills, and in campaigning to educate commercial road users as to the dangers of such spills in order to prevent them from occurring is truly remarkable. Justice is now being served as a result of his work. Before Andrew took up the cause, diesel spill victims were unaware that they had a right to claim compensation for their injuries and financial losses. The biking community is now widely aware and this is thanks to Andrew's work. Andrew is instrumental in fighting for the rights of motorcyclists.

Motorcycle News (MCN)
Andrew Campbell writes a regular legal column in Motor Cycle News (MCN) and, in addition to this, answers legal queries that MCN readers are invited to e-mail to him; this service Campbell provides free of charge. Campbell is widely regarded as the UK's leading diesel spill lawyer within the motorcycle industry and has successfully represented several bikers who received significant compensation pay outs from the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB). He acted in the first successful fatal diesel spill accident claim to be submitted to the MIB. Campbell also opened a landmark legal case for a motorcyclist seriously injured by a teenager playing chicken on the road. This was big news within the motorcycle community and featured on the front cover of MCN. That case was also successful.

Stephen Edwards, Founder and Head of Kill Spills
Andrew Campbell has supported the Kill Spills Campaign and worked with the Team since its formation back in 2003, providing much needed legal advice and support  to bikers who have suffered a loss or injury following a diesel spill related accident.  He appreciates the danger diesel spills pose and is prepared to fight for our legal rights.

Mrs W
I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks for all your support, hard work and effort during the last two years. Prior to my daughter and I contacting you regarding a pending inquest for my late husband, we had contacted a local solicitor but were totally unimpressed by him, feeling uncomfortable with his attitude and with the company for which he worked. When we called to your office for an interview, we were immediately impressed with your professional, caring attitude and the kindness and understanding offered to us during the most traumatic time of our lives. You took the time to explain all our options and have always kept us both updated when any further information was available. Every email and phone call of ours has been replied to promptly and I really feel at ease knowing you are acting on our behalf.  Your service to us has been exceptional and I would recommend you to anyone. As we now near the successful conclusion of our claim I once again thank you for the battles you fought on our behalf and wish you every success in the future, both professionally and personally.

Mr B
Almost three years after suffering personal injury and medical negligence, I felt well enough to ring local solicitors. After receiving the details of my case, they decided to pass it on to specialists. The specialist solicitor said that it was too complicated for her firm to deal with at that time, but she knew a solicitor who was very good with complicated cases and passed me on to Mr Andrew Campbell. Mr Andrew Campbell took my case and gathered together all the detailed medical evidence. He found the most likely course to succeed and my case is proceeding. Mr Campbell has always been there to explain and support my claim and he makes litigation less daunting. He is caring, approachable, extremely intelligent and totally professional. To me he is the friendly face of the Law and a true gentleman. I am sure that Mr Campbell’s determined efforts for his clients would save lives in the future and make the world a better place.

Mr W
This is a quick e-mail to say how pleased we are with Andrew. First of all I would like to say that Andrew is the best kind of solicitor as he has taken all the worry away from us, helping us to get back to normal. He has achieved this by being efficient in all areas of the case; he sends letters out as soon as is needed. He has also pressed the opposition to do what we want them to. All in all I could not ask for a better solicitor. Big thanks.

Mr S
No words can express the gratitude I feel for all Andrew has done for me. When I felt that all hope had gone and there was nowhere to turn after being told by a previous solicitor that my motorcycle accident was an act of God, I contacted Andrew and he put my mind at rest straight away. Andrew is totally professional in his approach and manner and at all times has kept me informed at how things are proceeding and explains things that I do not understand. When I phone or email Andrew gets back to me very quickly to answer any worries or queries I may have. Without Andrew I do not know how I would have coped, as nothing is ever too much trouble. He is always helpful and has cheered me up and made me smile when I have felt very low.

Mr M
Andrew Campbell provided a faultless, professional and friendly service even providing his home and mobile telephone numbers for me to contact him at any time. I sustained severe injuries resulting in leg amputation after a filtering accident. Andrew’s understanding of the law related to filtering and liability has led to a settlement of more than half a million pounds which will help me in the future. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who sustains serious injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Leading barrister
There are many solicitors who are intelligent, diligent, careful and well-informed, and Andrew Campbell is certainly one of them. But what sets him apart from the rest is his ability to identify, fight and win a case which lesser lawyers would reject. From his diesel-spill motorcyclist claimants to his successful efforts to force the CICA to widen its scope, his work is groundbreaking. Imaginative, constructive and courageous, this is a solicitor of whom we are bound to see much more in the future.