What to disclose on comparison site

I had an email from my insurer telling me they would automatically renew my insurance on my Ninja 650R. But the premium was 25% more than I paid last year. This did not seem right to me as I haven’t made any claims, so I went on to a comparison website and found much cheaper fully comp insurance.

But they have questions on the website about the past five years which I don’t ever recall my previous insurer asking. Speeding, points, accidents and so on. I had an SP50 four and a half years ago and a non-fault claim two years ago when someone knocked my bike over in a car park when I wasn’t there. Surely speeding is only relevant for three years and I should not be penalised for the idiot who knocked my bike over? 
Mark Taylor, Pontypridd


Well done for not falling for those auto-renewal tactics! Insurers seem to rely on people’s laziness when it comes to shopping around and you will often find that auto-renewal quotes are much higher than the fresh quotes you can get from comparison websites.

Whilst speeding offences only ‘count’ from a criminal perspective for three years (but show on your licence for four years) they are, to insurers, indicative of insurance risk. Non-fault accidents are also relevant as statistics show that a rider involved in a non-fault accident is more likely to be involved in a further accident. I would disclose all relevant information requested to avoid risking your insurance becoming invalid.


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