Damage while bike being recovered

While out one night in August I needed to call out recovery on my 1978 triumph t140. My insurer uses Call Assist which then used Burke Brothers recovery.  After waiting over 3 hours until 2 am they turned up with a flat-bed recovery truck and insisted it went on its side stand saying its company policy to do so and ratcheted it down with heavy duty straps so tight it broke the side stand and nearly fell off the back. Now they are denying it happened even though I have a witness. Call Assist now won't even reply to emails and when I phone it's with another department.  I have tried to make a claim through my insurance (I am fully comp) but they say because it's not a road accident I can't claim. I have tried many times to sort this out but now my insurer says they can't discuss it and its down to Call Assist.  How can this be when a third party have damaged my bike, surely insurance should cove these things happening?
Matthew Roberts, by e-mail


Your contract of insurance is with the insurer which underwrites your policy rather than the broker you mentioned in your e-mail. Look on your insurance policy documentation and it will tell you who the insurer is. It does not matter to you which companies your insurer uses as its agents to fulfil their contract with you, such as for recovery purposes. Point out to the insurer that the claim against them includes a claim against their servants, their employees and their agents. They can always bring the recovery company into the court proceedings if they wish.


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