Mrs G - Fatal accident claim settled successfully on transfer to Bikelawyer - 17 December 2014

Amount: £45000.00

Ms G approached Bikelawyer following a road traffic accident on 4th July 2010 in which Ms G’s partner was tragically killed.

The Circumstances of the accident were that Ms G’s partner had been riding his motorbike along a two lane road when the Defendant, who had been travelling in the opposite direction, attempted to turn right across his path whereupon a collision ensued.

The junction is controlled by traffic lights and it was alleged that Ms G’s partner had been riding through a green light and could have done nothing to avoid the accident. The Defendant alleged that it was he who had been travelling under a green light and that anyway Ms G’s partner had been riding far in excess of the speed limit. Liability was hotly disputed and the Defendant refused to make any moves towards settlement.

Ms G had previously engaged the services of another firm of solicitors however due to the complex liability position they were advising her to make ever diminishing offers to settle the claim and to take whatever she could get from the Defendant. It was at that point that Bikelawyer took over conduct of the case.

Bikelawyer obtained the court’s permission to restate the claim value, increasing it by 200%. An accident reconstruction expert was also employed to carry out a forensic assessment of the junction, the lights and the actions of the various parties involved.

On disclosure of the reconstruction report and the increased schedule of loss, the Defendant invited Ms G to a mediation and while the claim didn’t settle on the day, shortly afterwards Bikelawyer secured a settlement for the sum of £45,000, almost twice what the former firm had been suggesting Ms G offer to take.