Mr X - seriously injured motorcyclist gets £155,000 - March 2015

Amount: £155,000

Mr X was involved in a bike accident when a car pulled out of a side-road cutting across the path of his vehicle. Mr X was unable to stop and a collision followed, as a result of which he sustained horrific injuries including multiple fractures of his right leg , several fractured ribs, fractured fingers with associated nerve damage, a fractured left wrist, a fractured vertebrae, a ruptured spleen which required a splenectomy, and dental and facial fractures. As a result of the significant injuries Mr X was prescribed morphine which caused him to relapse in to heroin use.

Mr X was appointed a solicitor by his insurer however he became dissatisfied with their lack of progress. Liability was firmly in dispute and no progress had been made toward obtaining interim payments to fund his living expenses whilst he recovered from his injuries.

Mr X contacted Bikelawyer who were able to take over the conduct of his claim from his insurer appointed panel solicitor on a no win, no fee basis.

Within weeks of assuming conduct of his claim Bikelawyer were able to secure the release of a voluntary interim payment and funding for significant and immediate rehabilitation which included the appointment of care workers who attended the Claimants home for 3 hours a day to cook and clean for him which enable Mr X to focus upon his recovery.

The police report was obtained which raised several issues, including whether or not Mr X was speeding, whether he was visible from the third party’s position in the road due to an illegal overtaking manoeuvre, and, whether or not he was riding under the influence of narcotics. It was clear that liability was not a straightforward issue.

Notwithstanding, Bikelawyer was able to secure an out of court settlement in the sum of £155,000.00. Whilst no specific breakdown of the settlement was agreed, Bikelawyer’s Neil Rees, the solicitor with conduct of the claim, estimated that the claim was worth in region of £300,000.00 and that Bikelawyer had therefore secured a settlement in the region of 50% of the total claim value. This was considered to be a very good result for Mr X having regard to the liability issues that he was facing.