Mr M - £1.5 Million - November 2015

Amount: £1.5 million

Bikelawyer was instructed to act for Mr M who was involved in an horrific accident when he was riding his bike through a junction controlled by traffic lights. Mr M began to cross the junction under a green light when he was hit to his right hand side by a car which had ran a red light at speed whilst racing another vehicle. The driver was prosecuted for dangerous driving and driving under the influence of alcohol and was sentenced to a total of 18 months’ imprisonment.

Mr M suffered significant multiple injuries which required numerous medical reports being obtained from a variety of medical disciplines. His injuries could be summarised as a fractured wrist, a fractured pelvis, a head injury, damage to the left and right knees, a crush injury to his left leg resulting in vascular problems, and a crushed foot which required a partial amputation.

The partial amputation of the foot created significant mobility problems for Mr M and as such he underwent an elective below knee amputation. There were complications following the amputation which meant that his rehabilitation was disrupted as revision surgeries were performed.

The main elements of Mr M’s claim consisted of pain, suffering and loss of amenity, accommodation costs, prosthetic costs (which included a claim for a bio-mechanical foot and a running blade), care and assistance, and loss of earnings.

The claim was settled prior to trial at a Joint Settlement Meeting for the global sum of £1,500,000. Whilst the settlement was on a global basis Mr M’s solicitor, Neil Rees, assessed the breakdown of the settlement to be as follows:

General damages £100,000
Accommodation costs £400,000
Prosthetic costs £400,000
Loss of earnings £300,000
Care and assistance £150,000
Ancillary and miscellaneous expenses £150,000