Mr H - £150,000 - September 2015

Amount: £150,000

Bikelawyer acted for Mr H in a claim for damages and other losses arising out of a road traffic accident in which he was involved in June 2011, having taken over the conduct of his insurer appointed solicitors.

Mr H was involved in a serious accident when, as he was travelling along a road, a van attempted to carry out a U-turn across his path and in so doing Mr H was trapped beneath one of the van’s wheels, face down for 45 minutes. He suffered multiple injuries including a minor brain injury, post traumatic vertigo, and post-traumatic stress disorder. He also suffered soft tissue injuries to his left leg and whilst there were no bony injuries to the leg he suffered debilitating pain in his left calf.

Medical evidence was obtained from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, a clinical psychologist, a consultant neurologist, and a consultant in pain medicine.

Mr H had complex rehabilitation needs and Bikelawyer arranged for a case manager to be appointed to oversee his rehabilitation. The rehabilitation was intensive and included a surgical insertion of a spinal cord stimulator which provided neuro stimulation directly to the nerves in the leg to absolve Mr H of some of his neuropathic pain symptoms.

Because of the complex nature of the Mr H’s injuries it was not possible to finalise his medical evidence within 3 years of the accident and so formal court proceedings were issued to preserve his entitlement to claim compensation.

After court proceedings were commenced the Defendant made an offer to settle Mr H’S claim in the sum of £75,000. This offer was not accepted however following a period of negotiation a settlement was reached in the sum of £150,000.