Biker wins £75,000.00 for accident with horse

Amount: £75,000.00

Biker wins £75,000 compensation after accident with horse.

Mr Linehan approached Bikelawyer following an accident with a horse when out riding his motorbike.

Mr Linehan was riding home with his brother and had just navigated a right hand bend when he saw the Defendant leading her horse, which was out of control on the road. He slowed his bike and took it towards the left-hand curb but as he passed the horse, it ran into the road causing the accident.

The defendant denied liability and made a counter-claim against Mr Linehan. She alleged that she was crossing the road to continue along a bridlepath and that she had nearly crossed the road on horseback when one motorcycle passed safely, and that the Claimant subsequently brought his motorcycle into a collision with the rear of her horse. Although there was a witness her evidence was inconclusive.

Mr Linehan who was a Captain in the armed forces and a qualified translator, suffered a fractured skull, vertebrae and internal injuries. Bikelawyer acting for Mr Linehan refused to accept any portion of liability and settled out of court with the defendant’s insurance company for £75,000.

Mr Linehan was delighted with the settlement and wrote to Bikelawyer saying “I can't thank you and your team enough for all of your hard work and patience.”