Biker injured whilst walking to rugby match

Amount: £100K

Bikelawyer gets damages for a rugby fan who was run over while going to a game.

Mr J had just bought tickets to a rugby match and was walking to a pub near the ground to meet his family.

As Mr J was crossing the road a car, exiting the NCP car park, hit him and ran over his ankle and leg; pinning him to the floor.  The driver, Ms D, herself a practising solicitor, stopped and got out of the car to check that he was ok, but later left the scene without exchanging details.

Mr J broke his tibia and fibula which required surgery (and will require further surgery in the future) and went on to develop chronic pain in the form of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

Unfortunately there was no CCTV of the accident itself, but the police made appeals for witnesses and obtained CCTV from the nearby NCP car park showing which vehicles were in the area at the time.  The police then wrote to all of the drivers that left the car park within 10 minutes of the accident including Ms D.

Ms D spoke to the police but denied any involvement in the accident.  Instead she advised that she was involved in a minor incident with a pedestrian, possibly even on a different day, but that the man involved was drunk and simply rested on her bonnet before then carrying on with his journey, uninjured. 

Ms D maintained this version of events until shortly before the scheduled trial, when Bikelawyer’s comprehensive investigations overwhelmingly established that Ms D was the party involved in the accident and made her continued denial untenable.

Mr J’s claim was subsequently settled at a round-table meeting, and he received compensation of £100,000.00.

Mr J added:-

“I would like to express my sincere thanks for the help and professionalism of Andrew and Ian over the last four years. It’s been a long drawn out and peculiar set of circumstances (evident in the number of case files!) made all the more awkward by the view and position adopted by the defence; however it was a great outcome, far better than I initially anticipated. Be assured I won’t think twice in recommending your services in the future.”