Bikelawyer wins case dropped by New Law Solicitors

Amount: £11,000.00

Mr F originally instructed NewLaw Solicitors in respect of a significant pothole on the M20, which caused him to lose control of his bike, suffering a broken hand and soft-tissue injuries.

NewLaw took advice from a barrister at 12KBW to the effect that Mr F’s claim was unlikely to succeed and so they dropped the claim.

Bikelawyer did not agree with the barrister’s view and took over the claim on Mr F’s behalf. Upon receipt of the file Bikelawyer obtained a report from an expert highways engineer as to the condition of the road and the highways agency’s checks, and pressed on with the claim.

The highways agency continued to dispute that the accident arose as a result of their negligence; however the case was successfully resolved after court proceedings were issued for £11,000.00.

This case highlights the importance of using specialist lawyers.