Bikelawyer recovers £560,000 for CRPS rider

Mr S developed complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), a rare and poorly understood chronic pain condition, following a pothole accident on the M25.

Bikelawyer arranged for Mr S to be seen by a world-leading pain management expert, and made an application at Court that forced the Defendant to make an interim payment of £25,000 so that Mr S could receive specialist treatment.

The Defendant maintained throughout that Mr S did not have CRPS and that the symptoms he was suffering from were psychological and nothing to do with the accident.  They also made a series of offers (starting at only £10,000) in an attempt to pressurise Mr S to settle.

Mr S stood firm and, with Bikelawer’s support and expertise, continued to investigate and build his case.  The claim was eventually settled at a joint settlement meeting for £560,000: a 5600% increase on the Defendant’s original offer.

The case continues Bikelawyer’s track record of excellence with CRPS and chronic pain cases.  Ian Dexter acted for Mr S.