Bikelawyer overturns MIB decision on diesel spill accident

Amount: £75,000

Mr O was riding his motorbike around a busy roundabout when he hit a diesel spill on the road, causing him to lose control and come off his bike. Although not travelling at an excessive speed, he struck the kerb which caused serious internal injuries.

The diesel spill was caused by an untraced driver who had probably not secured the cap on his diesel tank properly. This simple oversight resulted in Mr O suffering serious injuries; including a ruptured spleen which needed to be removed and damage to his lungs and left kidney. His pre-existing minor asthma was worsened as a result of the accident.

While recovering from the injuries and the surgery they required, Mr O was unable to carry out his work as an installation engineer. Eventually he had to take a job with lighter duties and a loss of income. He was also unable to do tasks at home such as DIY and gardening.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) tried to withdraw from responsibility for the claim, but thanks to expert advice, that ruling was overturned. As a result, Mr O received £75,000 compensation. This case highlights the value of a solicitor who is a specialist in his field. If the MIB hadn’t been challenged, Mr O may have been left with no compensation at all for his injuries, even though he was in no way to blame for the accident.